Fine Arts


Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.

CDA Parent

Through CDA’s Fine Arts programs, our children developed confidence to perform and speak in front of large audiences, think outside the box, and be accountable to others. By mastering an instrument, they learned perseverance while making music that glorifies God. our kids learn to take responsible risks when approaching a competition and accept and appreciate constructive criticism. We are grateful for CDA’s extraordinary Fine Arts teachers. 

Fine Arts News

List of 5 news stories.

  • Blue Dog

    Dallas Campus Grammar Art Classes take on "Blue Dog"

    The Dallas campus grammar art classes have recently begun studying George Rodrigue, an American artist who in the late 1960s began one of the most prolific careers in art. He is most known for his creation of Modern art pieces on a Cajun legend called Loup-garou.
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  • Logic School Advanced Art In Action

    Mrs. Witt, Flower Mound, Logic School Art, has been developing her students in the workings of drawings on toned paper of Italian marble sculptures. "Every piece can be a story of redemption, a story of hope, a story of mercy, a story of goodness essentially a story of Christ lived out through their lives. "
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  • Musical Theater

    Save The Date: Dallas Campus Christmas program Dec.13th

    What is that beautiful singing coming throughout the halls? Our Musical Theater class is just warming up, stay tuned for information about their Christmas program.
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  • CDA Students Participate in Memory Project

    Ten advanced art students from CDA created heartfelt portraits as special gifts for children who have faced war, violence, poverty, neglect, family loss, or other challenges, as a part of Memory Project.
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  • Symphonic Band Victory

    After an entire school year of social distancing, face shields, and instrument masks, Mrs. Bowen and Mrs. Clements are so proud of their Symphonic Band for another fantastic performance at the TPSMEA Concert Band Contest.
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