CDA's application deadline is June 15th. Late applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. Due to the rigorous and sequential nature of CDA’s academic program, late admission requires a higher standard. Your admissions coordinator can help determine if late admissions is an option or if it's best to look ahead to the following school year.

Key Dates

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  • NOVEMBER 1 – New Student Admissions Opens

    Coram Deo Academy will begin accepting new students applications for the 2022-2023 school year at 12 NOON on November 1st.
  • JANUARY 1 - Priority Reenrollment and Electives Registration Open

    Priority Reenrollment for current students opens at 12 noon on January 1 and continues through MLK Day. Where students compete for limited seats, priority placement will be granted to returning students who reenroll within this period and new sibling applications from current families submitted by the priority deadline.
    Electives registration is available upon reenrollment. New students must be accepted and enrolled in order to register for electives.
    Late reenrollment is subject to a $250 Late Reenrollment Fee per student. Please see Electives Policy and Withdrawal Policy for further details.

  • JANUARY 17 – Priority Reenrollment & New Sibling Application Deadline

    Priority Reenrollment for current students opened at 12 noon on January 1 and ends today. Where students compete for limited seats, priority placement will be granted to returning students who reenroll within this period and new sibling applications from current families submitted by today's priority deadline.
    Electives registration is available upon reenrollment. New students must be accepted and enrolled in order to register for electives.
    Late reenrollment is subject to a $250 Late Reenrollment Fee per student. Please see Electives Policy and Withdrawal Policy for further details. 
  • MID-FEBRUARY – Begin Accepting New Students

    Applicants who complete the admission process by the end of January will be considered in the first round of admission decisions beginning in February.

    Applications received after this date will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis for open sections or placed in a waiting pool for sections which are at capacity. Candidates may be considered for an open spot on a day other than their preferred day if space is available.
  • APRIL 30 – Priority Application Deadline

    Applications received after April 30 will be assessed a $100 Late Application Fee in addition to the regular Application Fee.
  • JUNE 15 – New Student Application Deadline

    We want to help your family have a great start to the new school year! New student admissions closes on June 15. This enables the school and the family time to complete the admissions process so you can benefit from orientations and be ready for the first day of school. 

    After the June 15th deadline, late applications are considered on a case by case basis, provided there is seat availability at your preferred campus. 
  • AFTER JUNE 15 - Late Admissions by Exception

    Due to the rigorous and sequential nature of CDA's academic program, admittance after the application deadline is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Admissions Coordinator of your preferred campus location to discuss your family's needs as well as grade level availability.

Steps to Admissions

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  • 1. Get to Know Us

    Visit our campus by registering for an admissions event on the Inquire page. To learn more about our school, download our School Profile and review our policies and expectations, in the Reference Manual for Parents and Students. 
  • 2. Apply Online

    Admission opened at 12 NOON on Nov. 1.

    Families who are new to CDA will begin by creating a family account and following the prompts to create the new student application. Currently enrolled CDA families may apply for a new student from their CDA family login.

    Application Fees
    • Grades PreK – 1st: $300 (includes admissions testing fee)
    • Grades 2 – 4: $200 - Parents pay the testing fee directly to the test provider (ERB)
    • Grades 5 – 12: $225 - Parents pay the testing fee directly to the test provider (ERB)
    Please note: application fees are nonrefundable. The fees listed above include the $100 Late Application Fee for applications received after the April 30th Priority Deadline.
    Rhetoric school candidates (grades 9 and above) have a brief section to complete. You may save the application in progress until your student is available to submit responses. 
  • 3. Submit Required Documents

    Please upload copies of the following items directly to your child's application from your CDA family login created in Step 2:
    • Birth certificate
    • Immunization records
    • Recent family photo
    • Recent student photo
    • Past two years of school records, including past and current grade reports (grades 1-8) or high school transcript (grades 9+) as well as the results of any past standardized testing (if student has tested)
    After you have applied online, your admissions coordinator will email you instructions for requesting the required reference/recommendation forms. These forms are completed by the recommender and submitted directly to CDA:
    • Church Reference Form (one per family)
    • Christian Character Reference Form (for RS applicants only)
    • Principal Recommendation Form*
    • Math Teacher Recommendation Form*
    • English Teacher Recommendation Form*
    • Homeschooled Student Recommendation Form* (in lieu of Principal/Teacher Recommendation Forms if currently homeschooling)
    *Not required for PreK and Kindergarten applicants.
  • 4. Complete Admissions Testing

    CDA offers admission testing (required for all grades except PreK) at each campus beginning in December. Instructions will be emailed to the applicant's primary parent contact within 2-5 business days after receipt of your child's application.

    Testing costs for Kindergarten and 1st grade are included in your child's application fee.

    Candidates for Grades 2 and above take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) at a CDA campus. Please note, CDA does not allow testing with accommodations and walk-in registration is not available. The $140 ISEE testing fee is paid directly to ERB by the applicant’s family. Registration instructions will be sent by your admissions coordinator. See ISEE Quick Facts Guide
  • 5. Attend your Family Interview

    New students will complete an interview with the principal and both parents. The interview typically lasts 60-90 minutes. Current families who wish to enroll a new sibling will complete an interview with the new student, one parent, and the principal. 
  • 6. Admissions Decisions

    CDA begins sending admissions decisions in February and continues on a rolling basis. Late applicants will be considered if space is available.
  • 7. Register for Electives

    CDA offers a rich selection of elective classes for students in grades K-12. Rhetoric School (high school) students have required electives, such as science labs and fine arts on Fridays. Students on athletic teams may need to attend practices before and after school on both at-home learning days and on-campus learning days.

    New students must complete the admissions process and be enrolled in order to register for athletics and fine arts as well as make core selections such as foreign language, AP/dual credit, and science labs.

    Elective tuition is non-refundable after July 31. The complete electives policy, including drop/change fees, may be found 
    here. Please contact your school office/registrar for assistance with electives questions and schedule adjustments.

What's Next?

After you have been accepted, the following events and information will help you prepare for a successful and smooth transition to Coram Deo Academy.

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  • 1. Events for New Families

    Once enrolled, you will be invited to join campus specific events designed to help new families acclimate to Coram Deo Academy and connect with others in our community. Typically held in late spring or early summer, new and returning families get together to learn how to prepare for the coming school year.
  • 2. Order Books and Uniforms

    Although some curriculum items are distributed in the classroom, the majority of books are purchased by the family. Summer Reading information usually is available in May. The School Year Book List generally is published by mid-summer. Parents of newly enrolled students will receive information on how to access the book list when it is released.

    Parents also are responsible for ordering uniforms before the start of school.
  • 3. Academic Preparation

    In addition to required summer reading, various summer camps may be offered for optional enrichment. If extra math or other academic preparation is needed, this will be discussed in your family interview. 

    Students entering 6th grade and above with no previous Latin exposure are required to participate in Latin Summer Camp prior to the start of school. Choose the date/location which best fits your family's summer schedule:

    Session 1: the week of June 6, hosted at the Flower Mound Campus
    Session 2: the week of June 27, hosted at the Dallas Campus
    Session 3: the week of July 18, hosted at the Collin County Campus

    Latin Camp specifics are available here.
    If your child has studied Latin, arrangements can be made for a placement test by contacting the school office.
  • 4. Attend Parent Orientation (August 3-5, 2022)

    Because of the collaborative nature of CDA's model, orientations are mandatory; this ensures the best possible start to our educational partnership. Orientations typically are scheduled the week prior to the first day of school and at least one parent must attend. At the logic and rhetoric school levels (grades 5-12), students often participate as well. Please consult the campus calendar for specific dates/times and watch for email announcements from your school principal.
Do you have additional questions?  Please check out our FAQ's or contact your Admissions Coordinator.

Admissions Staff

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  • Photo of Barbara Rogers

    Mrs. Barbara Rogers 

    Director of Admissions
    (972) 268-9434
  • Photo of Jan Geist

    Mrs. Jan Geist 

    District Admissions Coordinator
    (972) 691-5648 ext 4830
  • Photo of Joda Crow

    Mrs. Joda Crow 

    Admissions Coordinator - CC
    (972) 675-7317
  • Photo of Rhonda Hillner

    Mrs. Rhonda Hillner 

    Admissions Coordinator - Dallas
    (972)-385-6410 ext 3804
  • Photo of Jennifer Musgrove

    Mrs. Jennifer Musgrove 

    Admissions Coordinator - FM
We are excited that you are interested in becoming part of our Christian, classical, and collaborative community. Coram Deo Academy is a covenantal Christian school requiring at least one parent be a professing Christian and actively involved in a local church adhering to the Nicene Creed


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