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CDA Collin County is a classical Christian school in Plano, established in 2004. The Collin County Campus currently serves over 520 students attending grades PreK through 12.


Students in grades PreK-4 are at the grammar stage of learning with a focus on breaking new concepts down to the required fundamental skills or facts and mastering them through memorizing jingles, chants, and songs. Read More..


Students in grades 5-8 are moving through the Logic stage of learning.  During this stage, they study the relationship of facts they learned at the grammar stage and how they fit or work together. Read More..


Students in grades 9-12 are striving to master the Rhetoric stage of learning.  This stage requires students to articulate their learning through oral and written expression. Read More..


Grammar, Logic and High School students and teachers have chapel services once a month. The purpose of chapel is to bring students together for a time of corporate worship and a message that focuses on the greatness of God and His work in our lives in a way that would be applicable to Coram Deo students. This time is designed to heighten our awareness of Christ and integrate Him more into our everyday lives.

Parent Community

In Collin County we have several ways for parents to be involved and build community with the teachers and each other.  The best way to do this is through the PTF, Parent Teacher Fellowship.  The PTF serves CDA in three primary ways.  First, they serve as a volunteer base for many of the activities that happen in the classrooms, such as Room Moms, class parties, and Hot Lunch service.  Secondly, they help equip the school through fundraising.  They strive to make our fundraisers fun for the students, but also easy on the parents.  Our most successful is the Hot Lunch program.  We use caterers, like Chick-fil-A, that the children like, and the parents look forward to not having to make a lunch one day a week!  Lastly, and most importantly, our PTF organizes a monthly prayer meeting to pray for the school – students, faculty and administrators.  If you are an enrolled family at the Collin County campus, you are already a member of the PTF, so come and join us!

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  • Festivals: the Hallmark of Grammar School

    This week marks the beginning of festival ‘season’ in the life of the grammar school. The festivals, whether based in the students’ history, literature, or Bible lessons, are a hallmark of grammar education at CDA. Each year, the teachers and students work diligently to prepare for them by creating projects and honing speeches about the knowledge they gained in their own research. The students have an opportunity to present their projects and speeches to a wider audience, their parents and extended family.

    In these festivals, all three aspects of the trivium are in action! Our students have read and researched a topic on their own, which is the way of grammar. They have worked with their parents to plan their projects and speeches, to find associations between what they have read and what they want to display - the way of logic. And finally, they present their new knowledge and ideas in a way that others will find interesting and winsome - the way of rhetoric.

    This week our 4th graders celebrated early American history, but in the coming months, our other classes will have a time to participate. Consistently, our students express anticipation before their festivals and real pleasure afterwards. We value this event in the lives of our grammar students because it highlights the excitement our children experience in their own education.

  • Invitation to the NEO Science Olympiad

  • Friday Elective Highlight - Basic Art

    Our Friday grammar art classes are especially popular with our students. The longer 90-minute classes offer our students an opportunity to learn about art and art techniques, and then apply them to their own creative projects.  

    Mrs. Nix and Mrs. Johnson spent time before the break teaching about the color wheel.  Mrs. Johnson writes, "Both K-1 art classes taught students about Primary and Secondary colors. What better way than to mix paint and create a colorful popsicle and students finished with a review of the color wheel."

    We hope you enjoy the art that our students create!
  • Family Curriculum Series: Habit 2 Raising Lifelong Readers

    At CDA, we are Christ-centered, classical, and collaborative. As such, we believe that the culture of your home plays an important role in the learning of our students. The curriculum department has developed this series to support families in shaping the culture of your home to grow ethical servant leaders and wise thinkers for the glory of God. 
  • What is Education?

    This past summer, several grammar and logic teachers joined me as we read and discussed Karen Glass' book on Classical education, Consider This.  We had such a thoughtful and eye-opening time that I wanted to offer it again to our grammar families.  Several of you answered the call and we have been enjoying our discussions about CCE (Classical Christian education) and CDA.
    As the end of the quarter is approaching and grades are being calculated, this is the time to remind ourselves of the purpose of CCE.  Education is a hard word to define. Some might say it's passing knowledge or data from one person or place to someone. This, however, is a utilitarian view of education, and one possible reason we see such a decline in our public schools.  Education is not just job training or skill development. We are not here to get your child on his or her way to the next step after 12+ years of school. The ancients who wrote on education were concerned not about a child's knowledge (scientia) or skill (ars), but about their virtue.
    So, what is virtue? One might define it as the actions that result from acquiring wisdom. Children learn to read, to compute, and to write as disciplines that lead to wisdom; wisdom that guides how we treat ourselves, our environment, and each other. Ultimately, we want to see right and righteous action borne from that knowledge and wisdom. That is the goal of CCE.
    As we finish this quarter and you reflect on your child's learning and grades, I ask that you also think about their virtue. A grade tells us some things about your child, but it does not tell the entire story.  The mission of CDA is to train up wise thinkers and ethical-servant leaders.  How does one measure that with a number or letter?

Contact Us

(469) 854-1300
9645 Independence Parkway; Plano, TX 75025

Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:00 pm 

Grammar:  7:55 am - 2:25 pm (M/W or T/Th)
Logic:   8:05 am - 3:45 pm (M/W or T/Th)
Rhetoric:   8:05 am - 2:45 pm (M/W or T/Th)

* NOTE: Friday class times depend on electives selected.  After school electives are also available

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    Robin Scott 

    Collin County Headmaster
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    Stephanie Garland 

    Collin County Grammar Principal
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    Nathan Hudler 

    Collin County Logic Principal
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    Jason Stults 

    Collin County Rhetoric Principal
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    Joda Crow 

    Collin County Admissions Coordinator
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    Joshua Nokes 

    Collin County Athletic Director & Football Program Director
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    Rhonda Messick 

    Collin County Administrative Assistant
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    Jennifer Dickinson 

    Collin County Administrative Assistant
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    Drew Armstrong 

    Collin County Dean of Students; Rhetoric English, Theology & Electives
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    Crystal Summers 

    Collin County Dean of Students; English Asst. Chair; Logic/Rhetoric English & Electives
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    Kristine Van Zeeland 

    Logic/HS Science, College Guidance - CC


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