Program Options

Coram Deo Academy's classical, Christian, University 
Model® schedule for grades PreK-12 allows parents flexibility to customize their child’s education to meet individual and family needs. A five-day program is also available for grades 7-12 at the Flower Mound campus.


  • New concepts are taught by a professional teacher
  • Assessments are given including classwork testing, standardized achievement tests, PSAT, and Advanced Placement Exams
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Enjoy time interacting with peers


  • Complete assignments which include drill and practice for mastery
  • Study for assessments
  • Prepare for recitations, speeches, and debates
  • Enjoy time learning and bonding with your family

Signature Program

University Model® schedule for grades PreK-12

Students enrolled in the Signature Program receive professional instruction at school two to three days a week and study at home under the tutelage of their parents the remaining days.

Benefits of the Signature Program:
  • Collaborative partnership with Christian teachers who educate students
  • Flexible family schedule and more time together

Five-Day Program

Grades 7-12 (Flower Mound Campus Only)

Students enrolled in the Five-Day Program attend classes on campus five days each week in a University-Model® schedule. Homework assignments are completed on campus in a professionally staffed learning center. The Five-Day Program is only available at the Flower Mound Campus.

Benefits of the Five-Day Program:
  • Collaborative partnership with Christian teachers who educate students
  • Electives and athletics are included in the Five-Day Tuition (excludes summer camps and college tour)
Learn about Five-Day Program tuition.


Grades K-12

Electives are offered primarily on Fridays and include art, drama, languages, music, physical education and theology. CDA’s robust elective program complements the core academic learning and provides opportunities for students to participate in their program of choice.

Learn about Elective Programs.

We are here to help you succeed

Regardless of the program option you choose, we are here to help you and your child succeed. Prior to beginning the school year, Coram Deo Academy offers orientation, training, and support to ensure a successful educational experience. Parents also conference with the student’s teacher in grades preK-4 and as needed with individual subject teachers in grades 5-12 to assure progress. 

Parents have access to student assignments, grades, teacher assignment comments and class notes. Online resources for research and supplemental support are also provided as are calendars and tools to communicate with teachers, coaches and other parents.


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