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When CDA speaks of “Training ethical servant-leaders and wise thinkers who will shape culture for the glory of God,” our faithful desire is to see a legacy of Christian leadership and service to our Lord Jesus Christ in all areas of world influence.
Since 1999, we at Coram Deo Academy have been called to support parents as they teach children “in the presence of God” with a time-honored tradition called classical education. This historic approach formed some of the world’s greatest hearts and minds from the early Church Fathers to America’s Founding Fathers, providing the bedrock for the church and Western Civilization. So stewardship of our mission resounds in every area of our planning and purpose. The school’s success is seen best in our students’ lives.

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  • Class of 2011 Ten Year Reunion

    Class of 2011 Ten Year Reunion

    Alumni from the CDA graduating class of 2011 gathered at the Flower Mound campus on Saturday, May 22 to revisit their old stomping ground and see the new and updated facilities. About one-third of the class took part in the campus tour and also celebrated later in the day at a dinner coordinated by class president, Clayton King. 
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  • Alumni Spotlight: Mary Perrone, Class of 2017

    Mary graduated from CDA in 2017 and moved to New York immediately after. She's been studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her emphasis is on bridal and evening wear. Right now, she's in her senior year and working on her thesis.
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  • Clayton's professional NASA portrait, summer 2016

    Alumni Spotlight: Clayton King, Class of 2011

    Clayton King graduated from CDA in 2011 and currently works at NASA. He received a BS in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, and is currently working on his getting his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Houston.
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  • Alumni Spotlight: Michael Sobolik, Class of 2007

    Michael Sobolik is a part of Flower Mound's graduating class of 2007. He attended Texas A&M University for both his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science & Communication, as well as his Master's Degree in International Affairs. Michael currently works in Washington, D.C. for the American Foreign Policy Council.
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  • Alumni Spotlight: Grace McClure Topete, Class of 2014

    Grace McClure Topete graduated from CDA in 2014 and attended the University of Texas at Dallas to receive a BS in Cognitive Science. She also received her Master of Education degree at Southern Methodist University. She currently works at UT Dallas, teaches AP biology for Richardson ISD, and is writing a book.
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  • Alumni Spotlight: Emma Weatherford, Class of 2015

    CDA's influence now extends to one of the world's oldest and most prestigious schools of tropical medicine, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). As a Fulbright Scholar, Emma is studying the interface between human, animal, and environmental health in a master's program jointly administered by the LSHTM and the Royal Veterinary College. The MSc in One Health is a holistic study of infectious diseases and contemporary strategies for fighting them. Emma's interest in the medical field took root in Mrs. Ligon's freshman biology class, but her preparation began in her early years at CDA.
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  • Alumni Spotlight: Rhett Hayes, Class of 2013

    Rhett Hayes is a member of Collin County’s first graduating class. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Texas at Dallas, and currently serves on staff in the FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian University Students) campus ministry at UTD.
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  • Alumni Spotlight: Neeya Toleman, Class of 2014

    Neeya Toleman currently works in Little Rock as an engineer at Southwest Power Pool helping plan and regulate the electric grid from the Dakotas down to the Texas Panhandle. She graduated from CDA in 2014 and continued her educational pursuits at John Brown University.
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  • 2013 CDA Graduate Gill Lipton

    CDA Homecoming: Gill Lipton Class Of 2013

    Today, we hear from CDA graduate Gill Lipton. After graduating with the Class of 2013, Gill began his studies in mechanical engineering at Texas A&M with aspirations to become an automotive engineer. He’s currently participating in a fall internship in Charlotte, North Carolina with Joe Gibbs Racing, the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup champions.

    Thanks for your time from North Carolina, Gill!
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  • 2014 CDA Graduate Emily McCalley

    CDA Homecoming: Emily McCalley Class Of 2014

    As homecoming week continues, we’ll hear from CDA 2014 graduate Emily McCalley, a junior currently attending Baylor University and studying pre-medicine in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
    Thanks for your time Emily!
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  • 2014 CDA Graduate Grace McClure

    CDA Homecoming: Grace McClure Class Of 2014

    As homecoming week continues, we’ll hear from CDA 2014 graduate Grace McClure. Grace is in her junior year as a McDermott Scholar at the University of Texas at Dallas where she studies Cognitive Science with a focus on education methods and curriculum design. She is currently studying abroad at University Nord in Levanger, Norway. 

    Thanks for your time Grace!
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  • 2013 CDA Graduate Ryan Southerland.

    CDA Homecoming: Ryan Southerland Class Of 2013

    As part of homecoming week, we’ll hear from CDA 2013 graduate Ryan Southerland who is currently attending Texas A&M University and studying Bio-medical science. 
    Thanks for your time Ryan!
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  • Our Community Is Excited!

    CDA Homecoming Is A Special Time: Join Us!

    This week we’ll highlight an exciting time that we look forward to as a community: CDA homecoming week!
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  • Michael Sobolik

    Alumni: The CDA Legacy

    Monday night, just before the first presidential debate, I had the privilege to have dinner with two Coram Deo Academy alumni, Michael Sobolik and Lauren Devoll. Both of these graduates are working on Capitol Hill and have very important jobs especially during this political season.
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  • Ms. Megan Best - Class of 2010

    Megan graduated in 2010 and returned to Coram Deo Academy in 2015 as a teacher at the Flower Mound campus.   

    You can see how Megan exemplifies a servant leader from her own words - " I believe that working to the glory of God can happen only when we walk humbly with Him. The impact I dare to make in the world is that people see the light of God when they see my deeds or hear my words. I must diminish for him to be magnified."
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  • Zach Moer - Class of 2011

    Zach is currently a senior at the United States Air Force Academy.  He is a Civil Engineering major and plays basketball for the Academy.

    While my time at CDA was brief compared to the grand scheme of life, its effects will last forever. I encourage enrolled students to not take it for granted; your next phase of life will be upon you much sooner than it may seem. And I hope you look back on CDA with the fondness that I do."
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  • Anna Accomazzo Miller - Class of 2007

    Anna is a 2007 graduate of Coram Deo Academy.  As you can see from her story, she is successfully building upon the foundation she received at Coram Deo Academy in her educational and career pursuits.

    "I have incredible respect for the Christian professors and attorneys who have challenged me to think critically about how my faith and my vocation interact."
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  • Lauren Devoll - Class of 2009

    Lauren is a 2009 graduate of Coram Deo Academy.  She has been an interesting career path in politics.  We are thankful that we have people in Washington DC that believe, "I’m not sure how one couldn’t affect the world for the better if he or she employs ethical servant leadership and wise thinking."
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  • Michael Sobolik - Class of 2007

    Michael is a 2007 graduate of Coram Deo Academy.  He is currently a Legislative Correspondent for Ted Cruz.  He believes, "The authority of Jesus knows no limits and touches every aspect of life. Thus, whatever we do has eternal significance, and every believer has a responsibility to bring the gospel to bear in his or her work. "
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The first and greatest commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” is a summons to educate the whole child so that he or she will grow to maturity in a way that will glorify God.

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