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When CDA speaks of “Training ethical servant-leaders and wise thinkers who will shape culture for the glory of God,” our faithful desire is to see a legacy of Christian leadership and service to our Lord Jesus Christ in all areas of world influence.
Since 1999, we at Coram Deo Academy have been called to support parents as they teach children “in the presence of God” with a time-honored tradition called classical education. This historic approach formed some of the world’s greatest hearts and minds from the early Church Fathers to America’s Founding Fathers, providing the bedrock for the church and Western Civilization. So stewardship of our mission resounds in every area of our planning and purpose. The school’s success is seen best in our students’ lives.

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  • Collin County Alumni Chapel

    “When you’re at CDA, most things have a set schedule. You don’t necessarily get to have options on when you do things, but in college, you get to choose.”
    “Because you typically have more free time, you get to decide whether or not you fill that time with community, classwork, or even self-care.”
    Making sure students fill that time wisely was a near-unanimous piece of advice that the alumni wanted to present to CDA’s high schoolers.
    In addition to time management, leadership training, and using time in college to grow yourself, the biggest takeaway was to appreciate how CDA created a strong foundation for their faith.
    “My world exploded after leaving CDA,” expressed one Alumnus, “whatever you have planned, be excited that the Lord might take it and toss it out of the window.” Another shared, “Being a part of CDA reaffirmed my faith and who I am, which made it easier to step into college where people have lots of different beliefs than me.”
    Hearing these wise and ethical servant leaders speak, everyone seemed to be entranced at their humble knowledge that was shared with the current class. The Collin County Campus feels honored to have hosted the esteemed panel, welcoming these past students back with open arms, and are thankful for their willingness to share and continue to contribute to the CDA community as a whole.
  • Family Curriculum Series: Habit 2 Raising Lifelong Readers

    At CDA, we are Christ-centered, classical, and collaborative. As such, we believe that the culture of your home plays an important role in the learning of our students. The curriculum department has developed this series to support families in shaping the culture of your home to grow ethical servant leaders and wise thinkers for the glory of God. 
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  • Family Curriculum Series: Habit #1 Rooted in Prayer & His Word

    “A family without prayer is like a house without a roof,
    open and exposed to all the storms of heaven.” - Thomas Brooks
    The original meaning of our English word “orient,” when used as a noun, referred to the east, or the direction where the sun rises.
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  • Toby Oaks and Family

    Meet Commencement Speaker, Toby Oaks

    Coram Deo Academy holds a dear place for the Oaks family. Toby & Sonia served the CDA Community for 15 years.
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  • Bas relief sculpture of the three theological virtues in St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh by Lawrence OP

    Classical Christian Series 3 (Theological Virtues)

    The Virtues are moral muscles, and there are foundational muscle groups that every human, as a moral being, should know something about.
    The Cardinal Virtues are the four foundational virtues, upon which nearly all other virtues are built. These cardinal virtues—and the ability to strengthening or weakening them over time—are a gift of grace given to all humans by God.
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The first and greatest commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” is a summons to educate the whole child so that he or she will grow to maturity in a way that will glorify God.

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