Coram Deo Academy of Dallas, established in 2006, is a classical Christian school located near Hillcrest and 635. The CDA Dallas campus serves over 200 families and 390 students in grades PreK-12. We are a University-model school, offering both Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday programs for students, in addition to robust Elective, Fine Arts, and Athletic programs that meet on Fridays and after school.


Grammar School (PreK-4th) is the foundation of the trivium in classical education. We strive to create a sense of wonder and a love of learning through a Christian worldview lens during these years. The grammar stage focuses on building long-term memory such as phonics rules, spelling rules, and math facts.


Students in grades 5 – 8 move through the Logic stage of the trivium. During this stage, they study the relationship between facts learned at the Grammar stage. Students dialogue with one another as they explore how God reveals himself through the truth, goodness, and beauty present in all subjects. Read More..


The Rhetoric School (Grades 9-12) is the pinnacle of the trivium in PreK-12 Classical education. In the Rhetoric School, students begin to seek wisdom through the content they are learning. Mastery of this stage requires the articulation of learning through oral and written expression. For CDA students this includes, but is not limited to, speeches, debates, papers, working with original source documents, and proofs in mathematics. Read More..

Sports & Physical Education

Our Athletics/PE program has options available to every student. Grammar students attend PE on their days at school. Additional Friday PE Electives are available to all ages as well. Pre-K through 3rd grade students play on Parent-volunteer led recreational teams that compete in local rec leagues. Beginning in the 4th grade, we offer official Athletic teams. 4th-6th grade students play in the CSAF league, 7th-8th grade students play in the IAA league, and high school students play in the TAPPS league. Current athletic offerings include Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Soccer, Co-ed Cross Country, Boys and Girls basketball, Boys Baseball, Co-ed Track and Field. Our goal in all competitive Sports is to train students to win with humility and lose with dignity.

Dallas Parent Teacher Fellowship

Our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) serves our campus by building a tight-knit community among our families and teachers, supporting our campus administrators and teachers so they can do their work effectively, and advancing our school’s mission. The PTF is the umbrella for all parent volunteer opportunities on our campus. There are a variety of ways to serve with your time and talents. As a CDA Dallas parent, you are a member of our PTF and encouraged to join us!

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  • Jun

    Latin Summer Camp for new students 6th (M-W) grade and up (M-Th)

    Registration is required and is made available online from your CDA family login once your student is accepted and enrolled. Families may select any one session at any campus, as best fits summer schedules (Collin County camp, week of 6/12/22; Flower Mound camp, week of 7/17/22). Students attend one complete session according to their grade level at any location. 6th grade students attend Monday - Wednesday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm; 7th grade and older students attend Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

    Students with prior Latin instruction should contact the school office to arrange for a placement test. One full credit of High School Latin is a CDA graduation requirement. This is usually fulfilled in a two-year sequence at the Logic School level by taking Latin 1A in 7th grade and Latin 1 in 8th grade. Students who enter CDA in grade 8 and above typically meet the Latin requirement with an accelerated class offered on Fridays covering the material of both Latin 1A and Latin 1 in one year. Either track will provide one full High School credit in foreign language.
    Dallas campus, 6930 Alpha Road, Dallas TX
  • Aug

    DAL First Days of School

  • Sep

    Dallas Homecoming Week

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Monday - Friday:
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Doors open 15 minutes before classes begin.
Grammar: 8:30am - 3:00pm
Logic: 8:15am - 2:45pm
Rhetoric: 8:15am - 3:45pm

Friday class times depend on electives selected.

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  • Photo of Jon Jordan

    Jon Jordan 

    Dallas Headmaster, Theology Department Chair
  • Photo of Tommy McCrory

    Tommy McCrory 

    Dallas Asst. Principal Rhetoric School, LS Science Teacher
  • Photo of Jennifer Southerland

    Jennifer Southerland 

    Dallas Logic Principal
  • Photo of Michele Howard

    Michele Howard 

    Dallas GS Principal
  • Photo of Luke Hatteberg

    Luke Hatteberg 

    Dean of Students; LS/RS History, Theology, Electives - Dallas
  • Photo of Garrett Smith

    Garrett Smith 

    College Guidance; First Grade - Dallas
  • Photo of Drew Lott

    Drew Lott 

    Dallas Campus Athletic Director
  • Photo of Mandy Sisco

    Mandy Sisco 

    GS Administrative Asst.; Electives- Dallas
  • Photo of Rhonda Hillner

    Rhonda Hillner 

    Admissions Coordinator - Dallas
  • Ruthanne Wilson 

    Admin. Asst. to the Headmaster - Dallas