Welcome to Coram Deo Academy! I am Dr. Alan Marshall, and I serve as the President of Coram Deo. We are one school with multiple campus locations in North Central Texas. Our school is distinctively classical, thoroughly Christian, and proudly collaborative. Our mission is to train ethical servant-leaders and wise thinkers to shape culture for the glory of God.
We serve children from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade with strong academics, robust programs, and an emphasis on developing a Christian worldview.
Coram Deo Academy students test an average of one to two standard deviations above the mean on national standardized tests. We believe our dedication to classical Christian pedagogy and family collaboration takes children from wherever they are and elevates them to the be the very best students they can be. We also pride ourselves in training our students to be polite, courteous, and well mannered. “Yes, Sir” and “Yes, Ma’am” are phrases that you will frequently hear from our kids as well as “please” and “thank you.”
Our exceptional faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a classical education that is integrated with Christian values. The classical model relies on the Trivium where students focus on learning and memorizing important facts and rules in the Grammar phase, gain an understanding of these facts and rules in the Logic phase, and better develop their abilities to communicate their understanding in the Rhetoric phase. Since we recognize the importance of teamwork, Coram Deo has a strong athletic program to include, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball and other sports. Coram Deo also has a strong fine arts program with band, art, drama, and music. We are committed to providing a solid foundation in math and sciences. We are developing servant leadership in our student body that is modeled in our faculty, staff, and administration.
Please take some time to look at Coram Deo Academy. I believe our school combines the academic rigor of a classical education with the strong moral foundation that comes with a Christ-centered worldview, and the strength that only dedicated family collaboration can provide. We are in an exciting period of growth and renewal where students, teachers, and parents all feel the energy that comes from being involved with a cause greater than self. We hope you come to visit with us and that you will let us show you how enthusiastic we are about our mission of training ethical servant-leaders and wise thinkers who will shape culture for the glory of God.
    • Dr. J. Alan Marshall, CDA President

Dr. Marshall Interviews Former Parent & Cowboys Player Chad Hennings

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  • Good Soil Report: 7 Life Outcomes from ACCS Alumni

    We are excited to begin another year of educating children Coram Deo, in the Presence of God, and are deeply honored that so many families are partnering with us. Classical Christian education is on the rise and Coram Deo Academy is stronger than ever. Here are a few fun facts about CDA’s 2020-2021 school community:  
    • Combined enrollment is over 1470, the highest in the history of our school
    • Our three campuses serve over 850 Christian families who worship at more than 200 churches in the DFW metro-plex
    • CDA’s Class of 2020 received $11 Million in college scholarship offers
  • CDA Re-Opening Plans & Key Dates

    Although July 15th is the last day to submit an online application to CDA, don't fret--your child doesn't need to be fully through the admissions process by the deadline! You will need to move quickly, but it is quite feasible to get all in order before Orientations the first week in August. READ MORE for CDA Re-Opening Plans.
  • A Time to Apply! Last day to save $100 on your child's application fee

    Tempus fugit! Time flies! Today is Coram Deo Academy's Priority Application Deadline. Although new student applications may be submitted through mid-July on a space-available basis, today is the last day to receive the $100 application fee discount.

    Applications do not have to be complete by the June 15th priority deadline. We will hold your child's seat on our rosters while your family completes the admission process in a timely manner. READ MORE
  • Two Ways Ways to Get an Insider's View

    Due to COVID-19 closures, we're extending the Application Fee Discount to June 15 to give families more time to come see our campuses....we're hoping to safely offer private tours before too long! And in the meanwhile, here's how to get an insider's view of CDA. PLUS Coming soon: 82 New CDA  Alumni!