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  • Brass quintet pictured from left: James Adams, Jonathan Papaila, Ethan Adams, Levi Robertson, Cadi Duhon

    CDA FM Band Shines at TPSMEA State Solo & Ensemble

    CDA Flower Mound Symphonic Band students went to TPSMEA State Solo and Ensemble Contest this past weekend and they had an exceptional day.  Our school had the greatest number of students to qualify for state out of all the schools present at this state event!

    Our students performed for music faculty from various universities.  The judging at the state level is stringent, and our CDA students excelled!
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  • 2024 Senior Reception

    Last week's Senior Reception offered parents, grandparents, and friends an opportunity to remember and reflect on all of the people and experiences that have impacted our graduates over the years. Visitors ate an array of tasty treats, heard words of wisdom from a handful of teachers and seniors, wandered among the senior boards, and took pictures with family and classmates. This relatively new tradition has become a favorite among the CDA Flower Mound community.
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  • Rylan Lonergan with three first-place wins!

    Dallas Sophomore, Rylan Lonergan, Wins High School Track State Champion

    Last weekend at the TAPPS Track State Championship Meet, Dallas Sophomore, Rylan Lonergan, took home three first-place wins! 
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  • Collin County Track Team Places at TAPPS State Meet

    On the Weekend of May 5th, the Collin County's track team participated in the TAPPS State Meet, where at least two students placed 1st in events. 
    While overall, Coram Deo Collin County Campus boys team placed 3rd and girls placed 4th, we want to extend a congratulations to all of our State Qualifies, State Medalists and State Champions on their hard work and perseverance throughout the season. The entire team was blessed with great running weather throughout the weekend, as well as a slew of support from family and friends.
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  • Electus Vox Contest Results

    Electus Vox, the select choir from CDA Flower Mound, performed at the TPSMEA Concert and Sightreading Contest on Friday, April 19th in Fort Worth. They received a superior rating or a “1” for the concert portion of the contest and another superior rating (“1”) for their sight-reading portion. This is the first time that this group has sightread at this contest in many years, and the choir students conquered this challenge and exhibited great musical growth. Congratulations!
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  • Penmanship Champion

    Congratulations to CDA Flower Mound 3rd grader Elizabeth Chun. She was named the 3rd Grade Girl Winner of the National New American Cursive Penmanship Contest. Elizabeth's mom credited CDA for her handwriting success, saying "Due to the great curriculum, amazing support from teachers, and daily homeschooling practice, Elizabeth is able to have good handwriting." Pictured with Elizabeth is our Grammar School Principal, Mrs. Cavender, and Elizabeth's 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Fort. We are so proud of you Elizabeth!
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  • Collin County Golf Team Takes 3rd in TAPPS 3A State Championship Tournament

    In their inaugural visit to TAPPS 3A State Golf Championships with a full team, the CDA Lions Golf Team brought home 3rd Place!  Matthew Langham finished 2nd Overall scoring +2 for the 36-hole tournament.  Carson Brower and Noah Gustovich finished tied for 7th overall!  Meaning CDA has 3 1st Team All-State Golfers with Matthew, Carson & Noah finishing in the top 10!  The team was rounded out with solid performances by Josh Gustovich and Owen Dodson.  Congratulations Lions on a great season!
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  • Top: Jared and Katie Beth Pelley and Andrew and Ana Bobo. Bottom Left: Jared and Andrew at Grace Prep's Class of 2008 Graduation Ceremony. Bottom Right: Andrew Bobo, Salutatorian and Ana Bobo, Valedictorian.

    Christian, Collaborative Education, A Model That Endures to the Next Generation

    For many CDA Dallas parents, classical, Christian, collaborative education is entirely new. My first real exposure to a University-Model® education was through my husband, Jared. For Jared, and two other CDA Dallas parents, Andrew and Ana Bobo, the University-Model® was not a new concept. It was a concept that profoundly impacted their education and spiritual formation. These three parents graduated in 2008 from the first University-Model® school in the country, Grace Preparatory Academy. 
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  • Senior Reflection at CDA Flower Mound

    Nicole Rhone is a member of the CDA FM Class of 2024. Nicole will attend the University of Arkansas next fall and credits her teachers at CDA with preparing her for her college career. Here is what Nicole has to say:

    "I'm grateful for the opportunity to take higher level courses here at CDA that will better prepare me for my college career. I have been able to take science classes such as AP Chem and DC physics with teachers like Mrs. Schober, who are present and available to answer questions and help you grow in your education. The teachers at CDA deeply care for each of their students. They challenge you to perform at your best ability and are willing to come along side you while doing so."

    If you are interested in learning more about CDA Flower Mound, go to CDALions.org for more information.
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  • Dallas Class of 2025- Capstone in Christian Wisdom

    CDA Dallas Capstone in Christian Wisdom

    On Wednesday, CDA Dallas Class of 2025 Juniors presented their Capstone in Christian Wisdom. The Capstone project and course demanded that they read, think, and write wisely. 
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  • Collin County Holds First 5th Grade Science Fair

    On Thursday, April 18th the 5th grade held science fair at our gym.  During the year, the students studied the lives and great discoveries of over 25 scientists of the Industrial Age. For the fair, they each chose a scientist to focus on.  The students then created an experiment or a project to demonstrate their scientist's discovery.  Students performed experiments, such as elephant toothpaste to demonstrate the use of a catalyst, filling balloons with various gasses to demonstrate Avogadro's Law, mixing light colors like Maxwell, and using a small Tesla coil with various objects.  They demonstrated fermentation by making pickles, sourdough bread, ketchup and root beer.  They made maglev train models, faraday cages, motors, circuits, and more.  The students presented their projects to other students, parents, and teachers.  We hope they carry a love for God's creation and a wonder at the complexities of our world throughout their years at CDA and beyond.
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  • Senior Reflection at CDA Flower Mound

    Marshall Potter is a member of the CDA FM Class of 2024. Marshall came to CDA in 9th grade and immediately became a leader amongst his peers. Although Marshall has only experienced 4 years of our unique Christ-centered campus, he has this to say about his time here:

    “After spending four years at Coram Deo, I can firmly say that I have been equipped. Spiritually, academically, and athletically I am prepared to be a light in the world for the name of Jesus and I could not be more thankful!”

    If you would like to learn more about Coram Deo Academy, check out CDAlions.org.
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  • Senior Reflection at CDA Flower Mound

    Abby Branch is a member of the CDA Flower Mound Class of 2024. She has attended school here since 1st grade and has years of experience in the CDA culture. When asked, Abby had these words to share:

    "As a student at CDA since 1st grade, I've learned about the importance of fostering long-term relationships with a Christ-focused mind set. CDA faculty and staff have always been a source of encouragement and motivation to excel."

    If you want more information about our Christ-centered campus, check out CDALions.org.
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  • CDA Dallas Rhetoric Students on the 2024 College Tour

    Touring Three Out of State Universities: Coram Deo Dallas’s Second Annual Rhetoric School College Tour

    Earlier this month Mr. Garrett Smith, College Guidance, accompanied a group of CDA Dallas Rhetoric Students on the second CDA Dallas College Tour. The group visited The University of Arkansas, John Brown University, and Oklahoma University.  
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  • Senior Reflection at CDA Flower Mound

    Brooks Ward is a member of the CDA Flower Mound Class of 2024. During his time at CDA, Brooks has been an active participant in the classroom, on the football field, and in the House system. Here is what Brooks has to say about the people who have blessed him the most during his time here.

    "I can say without a doubt that CDA has completely changed me for the better. I think the main reason for this is the incredible number of amazing teachers that I have had throughout my education here. Very few people can say that they have had a truly great teacher, let alone a life-changing one. Well, I can name at least five teachers at CDA that I know have changed my life. They have made me into a better student, leader, and Christian. I am forever grateful to this school and its teachers."

    Our teachers at CDA Flower Mound come alongside parents to help kids grow both academically and spiritually. If you want to learn more about our Classical and Christian school, go to CDAlions.org.
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  • Symphonic Band TPSMEA Concert

    Last Thursday, members of the CDA Collin County Symphonic Band attended the annual TPSMEA Concert and Sight Reading Contest at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas. The students performed 3 selections they'd been working on all semester, and afterwards they were given a brand new piece of music they had never before seen to sight read in front of the judges. The band performed amazingly both on stage and in sight reading and was awarded first division ratings from all three judges across the board for everything they played! This is the second year strong now in the CDA CC Band's history to earn Sweepstakes, or straight 1's, at this contest. Bravo on your hard work this year, band!
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  • CDA FM Symphonic Band Excels

    Congratulations to the FM CDA Symphonic Band today for making Superior Ratings in both concert and sight reading and receiving the Sweepstakes Award at the TPSMEA Concert and Sight-Reading Contest!!
    Mr. Thacker and I are so proud of our amazing students!  They played so musically and made an impressive mark on the contest.  Here are some of the comments from the judges:
    "You are doing so many wonderful musical things!  Your overall approach to your program is very mature and demonstrates a deep understanding of how music works!"
    "The band does so many things well.  It was refreshing hearing your performance.  It was a true musical performance."
    "If I could add a plus at the end of the 1st division rating, I would."
    Way to go, CDA Band! 
    - Elizabeth Bowan, CDA Flower Mound Band Director
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  • Senior Reflection at CDA Flower Mound

    Emery Hull is a member of the CDA Flower Mound Class of 2024 and has attended school here since 2nd grade. When asked about her time at CDA, Emery shared these thoughts:

    "CDA has nourished my heart, mind, and soul with things good, true, and beautiful. My heart has been filled with good friends that I will keep forever, my mind is full of wonder, and my soul is sated by good literature. 'Alma Mater' is Latin for 'nourishing mother' and CDA has certainly done that." 

    If you feel your child will thrive in our Classical Christian environment, learn more about us at CDALions.info.
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  • Senior Reflection On His Time At CDA Flower Mound

    Collin DeSoto is a member of the CDA FM Class of 2024 and has participated in band for 8 years. He credits the band program for contributing to his growth in many facets of his life. Here is what Collin has to say:

    "Having been involved in the CDA Band program since 5th grade, I have seen the numerous ways that the fine arts are beneficial and transformative. They facilitate the appreciation of God-given talents while providing opportunities for fellowship, leadership, and community for all grade levels."

    CDA Flower Mound offers fine arts electives for all ages in band, choir, and various forms of art.
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  • Noonday Prayer - Joining Christians Around the World to Celebrate Maundy Thursday

    This week in Noonday Prayer, we join Christians worldwide to celebrate and remember Holy Week - the week Jesus spent leading up to His Resurrection. 
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  • We've arrived!

    2024 Choir Mission Trip To Norway

    Over spring break this year, twenty-two members of Electus Vox (rhetoric select choir), along with six parent chaperones, and CDA FM faculty participated in a choir mission trip to Norway. While there, Electus Vox sang at many places, including churches dating back to the 1200's and at the Oslo Opera House. The choir performances were divided into four categories: songs of the Earth, songs of hope, songs of Christ’s life, and songs of Benediction. Our students also sang the Norwegian National Anthem.
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  • Dallas’s Lion Leadership Club Supports Our Community With a Carwash

    Recently, Logic School students in the Lion Leadership Club had the opportunity to serve our local Dallas Police Department substation. 
    Students hosted a car wash for the Dallas Police. 
    They dried off the exterior of the cars, vacuumed the inside, and wiped the windows and the exterior of the vehicles. 
    The students and the Dallas Police loved being together and the Dallas Police even asked the LLC to come back again. 
    We are grateful for how the LLC serves our community! 
    Thank you, Dallas Police Department, for working hard to keep us safe!
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  • CC Student, Aiden Bazzell, commits to High Point University for Soccer

    Aiden Bazzell began playing soccer at the age of 4. When he was 8, he set himself a goal to be part of the Development Academy team when he was older. For the next 4 years, he remained dedicated to that goal, pushing himself to improve and grow and overcoming each obstacle as it was presented to him. When he was 12, he was selected as part of the U13 FC Dallas Development Academy team. Over the next few years, he won numerous accolades with the team; twice wining Liga MX Tournament (2019, 2020), Dallas Cup Champions (2021), MLS Next Texas Cup Champions (2022).
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  • Cheer Wraps Up Season in Showcase

    The Collin County Cheerleading team wrapped up the end of their season in a memorable showcase to family, friends and peers. 
    Coaches, Brittany Evans and Eryn Hall, both coordinated the Grammar School's elective Friday cheer class to start the show. These cheerleaders in training showed off their learned skills in a lively routine. 
    For both Varsity and Junior High teams, there were routines with popular music and incredible stunts from the cheerleaders. 
    For CDA, we know that God has given us as His children the abilities to jump and shout for joy, and these girls exemplify this well. 
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  • *Percussion Ensemble:  Julia Sims, Libby Chang, Adelyn Wall, Brody Jones, Collin DeSoto, CJ Chang Lucas Smith, Zach Orlov, Caleb Villar

    CDA FM Symphonic Band Solo and Ensemble Results!

    Congratulations to the CDA FM Symphonic Band! It was an amazing day at Solo & Ensemble competition! We had 19 soloists and 10 small ensembles participating, and EACH made a superior rating, which is the highest rating possible. In addition, we had 14 soloists and 7 of our small ensembles advance to the State Solo and Ensemble Competition, which takes place May 25!  To be able to advance to State is an honor and speaks very highly of the musicianship of our students. The TPSMEA president made a comment when we were checking out at the end of the day that CDA was cleaning him out of medals! 
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  • Participants pictured clockwise starting top left: Aria Stanley, Maddie Murphy, Salem Stern, McKenna Richardson, Ivy Hull, Ella Rich, and Francesca Pastor

    Vocal Solo and Ensemble Results

    We had a great day at the TPSMEA Vocal Solo and Ensemble contest held at Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth recently and came home with five medals!
    Ivy Hull and Maddie Murphy qualified for State Solo and Ensemble and received first divisions and Aria Stanley, Francesca Pastor, and Ella Rich also received first division ratings. 
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  • Collin County Symphonic & Intermediate Band competes at TPSMEA Solo & Ensemble concert

    This past weekend, members of the CDA Collin County Symphonic and Intermediate Bands competed at TPSMEA Solo & Ensemble competition. We had 13 soloists participating, and EACH performer made a superior rating, which is the highest rating possible.  In addition, we had several soloists who performed class 1 (difficult level) literature advance to the State Solo and Ensemble Competition, which takes place May 25!  
    Students advance to state when they make a superior rating on a class 1 solo that is on the (UIL) Prescribed Music List. 
    * denotes students advancing to state 
    The following students received the highest score, Superior (1 rating):
    Brayden Axford
    Seth Bell*
    Joseph Bell*
    MuAnna Chien*
    Henry Colby
    Ray Kim
    Avery Meazell*
    Thomas Myslak*
    Giada Pangborn*
    Benjamin Pruski
    Abraham Watkinson
    Jasmine Yeh*
    Jedidiah Yeh*
    Congrats to ALL of our amazing soloists on their excellent work! Mrs. Clements is so proud of everyone who participated!
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  • Habit #3: Nurturing Play

    At CDA, we are Christ-centered, classical, and collaborative. As such, we believe that the culture of your home plays an important role in the learning of our students. The curriculum department has developed this series to support families in shaping the culture of your home to grow ethical servant leaders and wise thinkers for the glory of God. 
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  • Collin County Choir Solo & Ensemble Contest

    This past Saturday, February 24, the following students participated in TPSMEA Solo & Ensemble Contest:
    Emma Jones, Julia Naizer, Sarah Mehta, Georgia Kiser, Patrick Teson, Tate Colby & Evan Meyer.
    All our CDA students made “excellent” (2) or “superior” (1) ratings on class 1 repertoire which is the most difficult level of music. All of these students sang in an ensemble that qualified to go to State Solo & Ensemble and soloists, Georgia Kiser & Julia Naizer, also qualified for State.
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  • Second Grade Festival - Greek and Roman Time Period

    Grammar School Festivals- A Vital Piece of the Grammar School Foundation

    At CDA, Grammar School Festivals are a vital component of the Grammar School foundation. Each Grammar School student participates in a grade-level festival presentation. Not only do festivals give students time to celebrate the history they learned in their grade, but they also develop their presentation skills before entering Logic school.  
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  • Donuts for Dads

    This month, our PTF loaded up on donuts and invited our Logic School dads for breakfast and fellowship. Donuts for Dads never fails to touch the heart and the stomach! Thank you dads for sharing your precious time with us. You are a blessing to our school.
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  • Senior Jacob Turner Sets A TAPPS State Record

    CDA Dallas Swimmers Finish Strong at the TAPPS State Meet

    Earlier this month, Senior Jacob Turner and Freshmen, Luke Hulme and Koert Bouma represented CDA Dallas at the TAPPS Swimming State Championships in San Antonio. 
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  • CDA Band Performs at the North TPSMEA All Region Honor Band Clinic

    The CDA band participated in the north TPSMEA All Region Honor Band clinic and concert this past weekend. Our CDA students performed well, were a blessing and a light to those at the event, and they rose to the top of the region band competition!
    At the TPSMEA All Region Honor Band clinic and concert, there were over 20 private schools, some of whom meet several times a week for band class. The CDA Collin County Band Program had 5 rhetoric students and 8 logic students audition and make the All Region Honor Bands. Among the highlights of the weekend, CDA band had 2 students make 1st chair in their section! Congratulations, CDA band students!!!
    Middle School All Region students: Joshua Chua (flute), Thomas Myslak (bassoon- 1st chair), Taylor Smith and Jessica Mullins (clarinet), MuAnna Chien (alto saxophone- 1st chair), Zachary Goh (trumpet), Brian Berggren (trombone) and Ray Kim (percussion)
    High School All Region students: Giada Pangborn and Jasmine Yeh (clarinet), Seth Bell (bass clarinet), Avery Meazell (trumpet) and Caleb Hsiao (euphonium)
    Mrs. Clements would like to extend special recognition to Brian Berggren of our Dallas Campus for being a part of the CDA CC Band and representing CDA Dallas so well!
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  • CDA Collin County Swim Team Runner Up in State Meet

    Collin County students came in second place at the TAPPS State Girls Division III Championship. 
    Order of events:
    Meet opened with the 2024 Regional Swimmer of the Meet being awarded to Ava (And Jacob from CDA Dallas)
    The girls won and set a new State record in the 200 Medley relay! Dropping the old record set in 2020 from a 1:50.77 to a 1:48.61.
    Ava won the 200 IM with a time of 2:02.43 setting a new state record! The old record of 2:03.26 was set in 2016! 
    Eloise is State Champion back to back events: 50 Free and 100 Fly.
    Ava is State Champion in the 500 Free.
    The girls drop the State record in the 200 Medley set in 2019 from a 1:44.17 to a 1:40.67.
    Rebekah swims back to back with no break and is State Champion in the 100 Back and 100 Breaststroke. 
    Kena finishes 7th in the State and goes a best time in the 100 breaststroke.
    Daniel finishes 4th in the 50 free and goes a best time. He finished 5th in the 100 Fly.

    We are so proud of our students who worked hard to compete. 
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  • All Things Bright and Beautiful: PreK Learns About God’s Creation Up Close

    This week, with the help of the 4th graders, PreK students made bird feeders to hang on a branch outside to view the winter birds in the area.
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  • CDA Robotics Team

    Congratulations to the CDA Lions robotics team for advancing to the FIRST Tech Challenge regional tournament for the 5th year in a row. In the process of advancing the team scored the 10th highest score in all of Texas and the highest among the North Texas teams. Regionals is on Feb 24 with the winners advancing to the World Championships.
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  • "It's All Greek To Me!" - 2nd Grade Greek History Festival

    Last week, our Collin County second grade classes participated in the annual Grammar School History Festival.
    Those second graders presented all about the Greek culture, art, sports, and philosophers. 
    The second graders work diligently all year to be ablet to make it to these fests that are put on as a showcase for parents and friends. They start by reciting a song they've been learning in class, but all of them have memorized the Nicene Creed by memory. This impressive feat for second graders accumulates the standard that CDA holds, as we also live by this Nicene Creed in and out of the classroom. 
    Next, these students recite their also memorized Greek alphabet! From A-Z or Alpha to Omega, these smart students showcased their studies in strides. 
    Each student also had a personal presentation on one of the forementioned categories, explaining the history, people, and giving examples behind all of them. For example, some female students did a presentation over Greek makeup and jewelry, describing where the Greek women would find and how they would make the ingredients for the makeup. 
    For some male students, they would give cunning and descriptive notes of the Olympic games or accounting the Greek Gods.
    To hear these very intuitive second graders stand up on their own and speak clearly, owning their education that is presented, it is a privilege to see just where the University Model of CDA can take them! 
    Our teachers, parents and families have been well-involved in their process the whole year, and we want to thank all of them for their hard work also.
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  • Pictured: Jacob Turner, Koert Bouma and Luke Hulme.

    CDA Dallas Swimmers Qualify for TAPPS State Meet

    Congratulations Koert Bouma, Luke Hulme, and Jacob Turner for outstanding scores at last week's TAPPS Regional Meet!
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  • Brayden Axford in Eagle uniform

    CC Students Become Eagle Scouts

    CC Students, Brayden Axford, Luke & Patrick Teson, and Evan Meyer, have all recently become Eagle Scouts. 
    This is a major accomplishment, as they have a huge impact on the community by being good and productive members of society. This helps train the mental muscle of perseverance and working hard to achieve whatever they put their minds to. For these students, the journey to become an Eagle Scout can take anywhere from 2 to 6/7 years, which means a fortitude and dedication by all.
    For these students who not only have a rigorous school schedule and, for some, athletics included, the time and attention put into reaching their goal of becoming Eagle Scouts truly shows their desire to make CDA's mission come to life as they are training to become ethical servant leaders in and out of the classroom.
    We are so proud of Brayden, Luke, Patrick and Evan for their high achievements.
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  • CC & FM All State Band

    This past weekend, 14 members of the bands from both Flower Mound and CDA Collin County campuses participated in the TPSMEA All State Clinic and Concert weekend in Richardson. The concerts were held in McFarlin Performing Arts Center on the SMU campus.
    The students worked with guest clinician Amy Woody (University of North Texas Wind- Studies Department and Director of Athletic Bands). Our musicians spent dedicated hours in rehearsals benefiting from these world-class clinicians and learning music that they would then perform on the concert on Saturday. Outside the rehearsals and performance, students had fun fellowshipping with one another at Top Golf in Allen! 
    Mrs. Bowen, Mr. Thacker, and Mrs. Clements are proud of their students for their tireless musical efforts, and humbled by the time and energy they spent this weekend auditioning, preparing, and performing such amazing repertoire.
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  • CC & FM All State Choir Clinic

    Last weekend, two choir students from Flower Mound and CDA Collin County campuses participated in the TPSMEA All-State Clinic and Concert weekend in Richardson. The All-State Choir Concert was performed at McFarlin Auditorium on the SMU campus on Saturday evening.
    The students worked with guest clinician and conductor Dr. José “Peppie” Calvar who is an associate professor and assistant director of choral activities at the Setnor School of Music at Syracuse University. The choir had a marvelous time learning a varied repertoire of music and gleaning musical knowledge from this talented conductor. Outside of the rehearsals and performance, students had fun fellowshipping with one another over meals and bonding at Top Golf in Allen! 
    Mrs. Westgate and Mrs. Kiser are proud of their students for their many hours of rehearsal, preparation, focus, and endurance that are all part of this All-State process.
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  • Collin County Basketball Senior Night

    On Tuesday night, January 23rd, the Collin County Basketball teams celebrated Senior Night by recognizing three Senior players. 
    During halftime, the families of our players came together to stand with their Senior, showing unity and support for all their accomplishments with the Basketball teams. 
    The ceremony began with honoring Senior Peyton Cheney, who played on the Girl's Varsity Basketball Team. Peyton walked out with her mother and father on each arm, along with her younger brother. 
    Next, came John Paul (JP) Dolle, a player for the Boy's Varsity Basketball Team. A point guard, JP walked out alongside his parents, giving mention to how he wanted to be "just like his own father" when he grows up. 
    And last but certainly not least, was Senior Christan Rogers. Christian also walked alongside his parents; his mom actually being a teacher here at the CC campus, recognized the powerful moment of her son being honored as a Senior. 
    The whole gym had a mood of celebration as the Seniors were honored for their dedication to the team as well as their hard work at CDA as a whole. 
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  • Students pictured: Eleanor Freeman, Emma Rice, Mason Wille, Jack Norfleet, Asher Pirtle, Piper Gorrod, Merritt Morgenstern, London Corbin, Eden Freije, Claire Lehmann, Caroline Purser, Halle Stewart, Laura Nicholls, Emilie Kate Rhoades, and Ashlynn Sangenito. 

    Logic Students Receive One Act Festival All-Star Cast Awards

    Over the weekend, CDA Dallas students from the Logic School Musical Theatre elective performed, “A Little Princess” at the second annual, Classics One Act Festival hosted by The Covenant School. 

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  • A New Year in D.C.: CDA Dallas 8th Graders Take a Trip to Our Nation's Capitol

    January 4-7, 8th grade CDA Dallas students traveled to Washington D.C. to extend their learning far beyond the classroom walls. Students enjoyed sightseeing with tours of the White House, the Capitol, Museum of the Bible, and National Archives - just to name a few!  
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  • Collin County Alumni Chapel

    “When you’re at CDA, most things have a set schedule. You don’t necessarily get to have options on when you do things, but in college, you get to choose.”
    “Because you typically have more free time, you get to decide whether or not you fill that time with community, classwork, or even self-care.”
    Making sure students fill that time wisely was a near-unanimous piece of advice that the alumni wanted to present to CDA’s high schoolers.
    In addition to time management, leadership training, and using time in college to grow yourself, the biggest takeaway was to appreciate how CDA created a strong foundation for their faith.
    “My world exploded after leaving CDA,” expressed one Alumnus, “whatever you have planned, be excited that the Lord might take it and toss it out of the window.” Another shared, “Being a part of CDA reaffirmed my faith and who I am, which made it easier to step into college where people have lots of different beliefs than me.”
    Hearing these wise and ethical servant leaders speak, everyone seemed to be entranced at their humble knowledge that was shared with the current class. The Collin County Campus feels honored to have hosted the esteemed panel, welcoming these past students back with open arms, and are thankful for their willingness to share and continue to contribute to the CDA community as a whole.
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  • CDA Dallas’s Inaugural Turkey Trot Takes Flight: A Fun Run Bringing Families Together!

    Over Thanksgiving Break, twenty-five CDA Dallas families joined in for the first ever CDA Dallas Turkey Trot benefitting CDA Athletics.  
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  • Fall Academic All-State Recipients! 

    Fall Academic All-State Recipients

    Congratulations to the 2023 CDA Dallas Fall Academic All-State Recipients!
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  • Drama Performs William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

    In December 2023, the Collin County Drama Department performed William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". A great feat for the department, this play brought with it incredible set design that transported one right into the scenery, as well as outstanding performances by the cast and crew. 
    Led by Dean of Students, Mr. Armstrong, the Drama department spent hours rehearsing and creating a magical Shakespearian world. These incredible photos were taken by Emily Faux, Senior '24. 

    For CDA, these are the moments where the Classical and Collaborative nature of the school comes into full illumination. We are grateful for the hard work of these students, leaders, and parents who all were invested in making this show a success. 
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  • All State Band

    Last month, students all over the state recorded auditions for the TPSMEA All State Band.  Our CDA Collin Students did an amazing job! Congratulations to the following students from our campus who auditioned for and made the ALL STATE BAND!
    Giada Pangborn, clarinet
    Caleb Hsiao, euphonium
    These students will take part in the TPSMEA All- State Clinic and Concert next month. Mrs. Clements is so very proud of these musicians for their dedication to excellence!
    (Students participating in the TPSMEA All State Clinic and Concert, pictured from left to right: Giada Pangborn (band-clarinet), Georgia Kiser (choir-soprano), Caleb Hsiao (band-euphonium)
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  • From left: Levi Robertson, Katie Adler, and Jacob Witt

    CDA FM Musicians Earn High Honors

    Congratulations to CDA Flower Mound freshman, Levi Robertson! At TMEA Area auditions on Saturday, Levi was selected 1st chair French horn and earned a seat at the TMEA 6A All-State Band.
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