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  • LLC members gathered to make

    The Lion Leadership Club Service Project Kick Off: Bags of Blessing

    The Lion Leadership Club kicked off their first service project this week! Students made "bags of blessing" to distribute to people experiencing homelessness in our city. 
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  • Friday Elective Highlight - K-1 Hands On Science

    Learning about God's amazing creation is fun and exciting, even when it comes to learning about rocks.  Recently our kinders and 1st graders did an experiment sifting with screens different sizes of gravel, pebbles, and small river rocks. They are also bringing rocks to class to determine what type they might be.  There's just so much to learn and marvel over!
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  • Aurelia Mayer - College Board National Hispanic Scholar

    CDA Flower Mound Students Recognized For Academic Achievement

    Coram Deo Academy of Flower Mound is pleased to recognize the achievements of our students who have distinguished themselves academically. It is a pleasure to work with all of our hard-working students. 
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  • Sarah Lyons - center holding check

    CDA Flower Mound Students Serving Others

    CDA Flower Mound 11th grader, Sarah Lyons, worked tirelessly all summer to raise money for a local charity, Journey to Dream's Kyles Place. Sarah, along with other members of her neighborhood swim team, formed a group called Dragons Give Back, of which she is the leader. 
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  • Friday Elective Highlight - Torchlighers

    This year our campus is offering a new grammar elective - Torchlighters.  Mrs. Kellie Parmar has been instrumental in its inception. The class is designed to teach about Church history and mission work across the ages.  This past week, our students learned about Martin Luther and his contribution to not only the Church, but also, more broadly, to western culture.  

    In imitation of Luther, our students created three 'theses' that they believe will lead to "a good and proper classroom." They then 'hammered' their theses to the door of the classroom for all to see.

    Please enjoy these pictures of the postings!
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  • Coach Young and Coach Solis

    Meet Our PE Teachers

    We are excited for you to get to know our PE teachers, Coach Solis and Coach Young. 
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  • Friday Elective Highlight - Hands On Science

    On Fridays, we offer many choices for our grammar students, and one of the most popular is our Hands On Science class. In Classical education, we approach 'science' as natural philosophy; we observe God's creation to see His abundant creativity and wonder about how and why what we see happens.

    This semester, our 2nd through 4th graders are studying the unit "Flight and Rocketry". They are observing gravity and how to defy it. In this lesson, the students used surface area to create air resistance with parachutes.  

    Each semester the unit changes, so a grammar student could take Hands On Science his or her entire grammar school experience and never repeat the same lessons! It's great to see our students excited about their own learning.
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  • Students visiting on campus at Texas A&M

    A Glimpse at Three Texas Universities: Coram Deo Dallas’s First Overnight College Tour

    Last spring CDA Dallas rhetoric students took part in the very first overnight college tour. Over the weekend, students visited three different Texas universities. 
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  • Health, Fitness and FUN!

    Classical education is so much more than just an academic approach to math and reading. In our modern context and as residents of a postmodern, perhaps post-postmodern, society, it seems almost natural to see things in their discreet parts and not as created wholes. This includes our children. Many institutions in our day, schools foremost, address only one 'part' of our children's experience ignoring everything that makes them whole and human. 

    Charlotte Mason, a 19th century educator, is influential in regards to our Classical approach.  She recognized the failures of modern education even back in the mid-1800s. She stated clearly that children are born persons, meaning that we are not a 'tabula rasa' to be written upon or a brain packaged in muscles and bones. We, and our children, are an integrated whole - a mind and soul in a body. 

    So, how to we as a school care for all the parts in a holsitic way?  How do we engage all aspects of the children that we serve? We offer a rigorous academic education to engage their minds and imaginations.  We point them towards wonder and worship as forms of soul formation.  And, we honor their bodies in play and movement. Physical education is as important to growing bodies as math and reading.  Our bodies and brains work together to keep each other healthy! Enjoy the pictures and video of our students having FUN by moving their bodies.
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  • 8th grade class inside The White House.

    Summer of Discovery: CDA 8th Graders Explore Washington D.C. 

    The Coram Deo Dallas 8th grade class had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. in June. 
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  • Submission to handwriting contest

    Exceptional Handwriting

    Congratulations to CDA Flower Mound fifth grader, Cannabry Su!  

    Last May, Cannabry was named the New American Cursive Individual Grade 4 Girl Winner for the 2023 New American Cursive Handwriting Contest.  Her writing sample was judged by a panel of three handwriting specialists who score entries on legibility, neatness, shape, slant, spacing, size, spelling, and accuracy.  
    We are so proud of Cannabry and her commitment to excellence.

    Click on the handwriting sample to the right to see a picture of Cannabry and her 4th grade teacher, Ms. Tarver.
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  • Congratulations Mrs. Gerth, Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Southerland!

    CDA Celebrates Continuing Education

    Over the summer three of our Dallas faculty graduated with master's degrees!
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  • Practice What We Teach

    CDA Flower Mound 4th grader Remy Lim and his mother Mrs. Cafferata traveled to Washington, D.C. this summer for a special adventure. They visited the Library of Congress where they saw one of three perfect vellum copies of The Gutenberg Bible known to exist. Remy was a shining example of his CDA classical education when he shared all that he learned about The Gutenberg Bible and printing in school with one of the museum's curators.
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  • House System Article

    The House System at CDA

    The House System is a student government model that originated in boarding schools in British Commonwealth countries. It has since spread to schools and colleges worldwide. CDA adopted the House System in 2007 to encourage student leadership and to promote relationships across grade levels.
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  • Toby Oaks and Family

    Meet Commencement Speaker, Toby Oaks

    Coram Deo Academy holds a dear place for the Oaks family. Toby & Sonia served the CDA Community for 15 years.
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  • About to board the flight from DFW to Egypt

    CDA Athletes Travel To Egypt

    A group of CDA Flower Mound athletes, coaches, and parents traveled to Egypt this summer to share the gospel and serve those in need. Coach Jackie Manack, varsity girls' basketball coach, said the group went on this trip to help build community relationships through sports camps with local organizations.  "Our primary reason for going was to put on a basketball camp for the Sudanese Refugees." The group started the trip In Cairo Egypt and ended in Sharm El Sheikh.
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  • Bas relief sculpture of the three theological virtues in St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh by Lawrence OP

    Classical Christian Series 3 (Theological Virtues)

    The Virtues are moral muscles, and there are foundational muscle groups that every human, as a moral being, should know something about.
    The Cardinal Virtues are the four foundational virtues, upon which nearly all other virtues are built. These cardinal virtues—and the ability to strengthening or weakening them over time—are a gift of grace given to all humans by God.
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  • RobinScott

    New CC Headmaster, Robin Scott!

    New Headmaster of Collin County, Robin Scott, gives her story of what led her to CDA and all she is excited about for Collin County.
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  • Collin County Valedictorian

    Class of 2023 Leaders

    See the Valedictorian's and Salutatorian's from both Collin County and Flower Mound campuses. 
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  • Aerospace Club Reaches the Stars!

    The psalmist observes in Psalm 19, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” When we look up, we are mesmerized by the world that The Lord has created, with an innate desire to know more about what is beyond and above us.
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  • Photo by J Williams via Unsplash

    Classical Christian Series 2 (Cardinal Virtues)

    This is part two of our summer email series on the Virtues as Moral Muscles. If you have not yet read part one, please click here to do so.

    The Cardinal Virtues are the four foundational virtues, upon which nearly all other virtues are built. Cardinal comes from the Latin word for hinge. In other words, these four virtues are the hinge on which all other moral actions depend.
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  • The Forum: Lion's Roar Magazine - Spring 2023 Issue

    The latest edition of The Forum magazine hit mailboxes recently, but you can peruse it digitally online. The Spring 2023 issue highlights the incredible accomplishments of Coram Deo Academy's students in academics, fine arts, and athletics including articles such as...
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  • Photo by Tom Barrett via Unsplash

    CDA Dallas - Classical Christian Series 1 (Moral Muscles)

    Virtues are moral muscles.

    There are some things that are very real, and yet very invisible. We often see the result of these things, but the thing itself remains unseen. 
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  • CDA Dallas Offers First Overnight College Tour

    This spring CDA Dallas offered the first overnight college tour to rhetoric students. Students toured three universities in Texas. 
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  • End of Year Activities

    The Flower Mound campus was alive with activity during the final week of school.

    Grammar school students celebrated their final days of the 2022-2023 school year with celebrations, hugs, and lots of smiles! Friends talked of plans for the summer and teachers offered praise for virtuous behavior. Students ate treats, shared signatures, wrote book reviews, and finished artwork. It was the perfect ending to a memorable year.
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  • Powderpuff Football

    Friendly Competition

    Flower Mound rhetoric students and faculty let off some steam during the last few weeks of school doing what they do best - giving it all in some friendly games of basketball, volleyball, and football. Teachers, coaches, and students alike left it all on the court, on the field, and in the classroom as the school year came to a close.
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  • Savanna Morris - Senior

    State Track Success!

    Three Coram Deo Academy Flower Mound athletes advanced to the TAPPS 5A State Track Meet which was held last week. All three ran with fierce determination and placed well against the fastest track athletes in the state. 

    Congratulations to:
    Senior Kaleb Skelly - 6th in the 3200M
    Senior Savanna Morris - 4th in 300M Hurdles and 6th in 100M Hurdles
    Junior Josh Marshall - 3rd in 110M Hurdles and 7th in 300M Hurdles
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  • 3rd and 4th Grade Penmanship Awards

    CDA celebrates four penmanship contest winners!
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  • Luke Stewart is the first CDA Dallas 1A TAPPS Golf Championship representative!

    Luke Stewart is officially the first Dallas student to represent the school in golf. 
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  • Simon Graves with his father Reese Graves in El Paso, TX

    Simon Graves, servant-leader in training from one end of Texas to the other

    Training ethical servant leaders is at the heart of the mission of CDA. Simon Graves, a third grade, Tuesday/Thursday student, lived this out as he traveled across the plains of West Texas to help provide medical care to the people of El Paso.
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  • Simon Graves: Medical Mission Trip to El Paso

    Training ethical servant leaders is at the heart of the mission of CDA. Simon Graves, a third-grade Dallas student (TTh), lived this out as he traveled to West Texas to help provide medical care to the people of El Paso. 
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  • Capstone in Christian Wisdom

    CDA Flower Mound juniors celebrated the culmination of months of research and preparation with their Capstone Presentations this week. Students ended their year in AP English Language and Composition by sharing their Christian wisdom on a broad array of meaningful topics with an audience of parents, peers, and teachers. 
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  • Fiddler On The Roof

    Coram Deo Academy Flower Mound Drama put on Fiddler on the Roof this past weekend, and fans couldn't get enough of this heartwarming story of a family and their robust faith. We are so grateful for the fellowship of the directing team, the dedication of the parents, and the magnificent talent and work ethic of our students. See you next year!
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  • CDA FM Intermediate Band at Pride of Texas Music Festival

    Pride of Texas Music Festival

    Congratulations to the CDA Flower Mound Intermediate Band!  They received straight 1's from the three judges at the festival and received some nice compliments from the judges as well!  Our children are such a delight to be with, and we had a great time at Pinstack.  Victories all around!
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  • FM Symphonic Band

    CDA FM Band Receives Superior Ratings!

    Congratulations to the FM CDA Symphonic Band!  It was an amazing day at Solo & Ensemble competition! We had 17 soloists and 13 small ensembles participating, and EACH made a superior rating, which is the highest rating possible.  In addition, we had soloists and 7 of our small ensembles advance to the State Solo and Ensemble Competition, which takes place May 27 
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  • Choir Receives Superior Ratings at Contest

    Electus Vox earned superior ratings at contest last week. Listen to them sing Agnus Dei by clicking on the link. 
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  • Kathy’s Corner: Flower Mound's First Lending Library

    We are excited to announce the official opening of CDA’s very first Lending Library, affectionately known as Kathy’s Corner, in gratitude to Dr. Kathy Lloyd Northcutt, Ph.D., and her donations to this project. 
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  • Collin County: Word-Wielders

    The Collin County campus recently celebrated their students' gift for writing in their first Word-Wielder event.
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  • Flower Mound Swim Team: NISCA Scholar Team 2022-2023

    The Coram Deo Academy Flower Mound Swim Team was recognized by the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association as the 2022-2023 Scholar Teams in March 2023.
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  • Brass Quintet heading to state from left: Cadi Duhon, Jonathan Papaila,  Ethan Adams, James Adams,  and Joseph Younger

    Solo & Ensemble Achievement

    It was an amazing day at Solo & Ensemble competition! We had 17 soloists and 13 small ensembles participating, and EACH made a superior rating, which is the highest rating possible. In addition, we had 9 soloists and 7 of our small ensembles advance to the State Solo and Ensemble Competition, which takes place May 27! To be able to advance to State is a real honor and speaks very highly of the musicianship of our students.
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  • Collin County: 2023 Solo & Ensemble Results

    The results are in for the 2023 Solo & Ensemble for your Collin County Symphonic Band.
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  • FM: 2023 Solo & Ensemble Results

    The results are in for the 2023 Solo & Ensemble for your Flower Mound Symphonic Band.
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  • Zuriel Ko: Fencing

    Zuriel Ko, a Collin County student, excels in the art form of fencing. Recently, Zuriel was invited to participate in Junior Olympics in fencing competition.
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  • Jesse Leon: Eagle Scout

    Jesse Leon has been in Boy Scouts, since the age of seven. At the age of 16 he has finally reach the rank of Eagle Scout.
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  • CDA Collin County: Spring Service Day

    The Collin County campus participated in their Spring Service Day project through a canned food drive.
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  • CDA FM senior Nya McDowell

    CDA FM National Merit Finalist

    CDA FM senior Nya McDowell has advanced to Finalist standing in the National Merit Scholarship competition. Out of over 1.5 million students, she placed in the top 16,000 for the 2021 PSAT/NMSQT exam. She is now among about 15,000 being considered for the National Merit Scholarship. Approximately, 7,250 students will be chosen. Congratulations, Nya!
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  • Full Middle School Honor Band performing

    Taking the Lead At Regionals

    The CDA band participated in the north All Region Honor Band clinic and concert this past weekend. Our CDA students performed well, were a blessing and a light to those at the event, and they rose to the top of the region band competition! 
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  • CDA Band Attends All-Region Band event

    Both the Collin County and Flower Mound bands attended the Texas Private School Music Educators Association (TPSMEA) All-Region Band event in Addison at the Greenhill School.
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  • Pictured from left to right: Austin Bush, Jace Crawford, Brock Holton, Carson Schmitz, and Cora Saucedo

    Athletes Sign to Compete at the Next Level

    Coaches, teachers, parents, grandparents, and students gathered to celebrate five CDA athletes who have committed to play college athletics next year.
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  • Pictured from left to right: front - Cadi Duhon, Lauren Joseph, McKell Richardson -- middle - Jonathan Witt, Stephen Hemsworth, Joseph Younger, Mrs. Bowen -- back - Nolan Marshall, Noah Kulle, Levi Robertson

    CDA Musicians Perform at State Level

    January 26-28, nine students from the CDA Flower Mound band and one student from the CDA Flower Mound choir attended the TPSMEA All-State Clinic and Concert event in Richardson, Texas. Students spent Thursday and Friday in clinics and rehearsals with amazing clinicians, and then performed an absolutely beautiful concert on Saturday afternoon in the Eisemann Center Theater. 
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  • Ianna Chan: Figure Skating

    Ianna Chan, a CDA Flower Mound student, developed a passion for Figure Skating at the early age of four and has enjoyed it ever since.
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  • Campbell Chavez: Ballet

    Flower Mound student, Campbell Chavez, has been in Ballet since the age of three and allowed us to lean into her world as a performer
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  • TPSMEA All- State Clinic and Concert

    From January 26th to 28th students from both the Collin County and Flower Mound Campuses attended the TPSMEA All-State Clinic and Concert.
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  • Emery Hull: Martial Artist

    Emery Hull has trained continuously in the forms of Martial Arts attaining the rank of black belt.
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  • Ivy Hull: Harpist

    Ivy Hull, a CDA Flower Mound student, plays the harp to glorify God.
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  • CDA Musician Honored

    CDA FM Senior Lauren Joseph was selected to perform with the Texas All-State 4A Concert Band in San Antonio, Saturday, February 11, as part of the 2023 Texas Music Educators Association Clinic/Convention.
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  • Lauren Joseph

    Lauren Joseph: Performing with the Texas All-State 4A ATSSB Symphonic Band

    Lauren Joseph, a Flower Mound Senior, has been selected to perform with the Texas All-State 4A ATSSB Symphonic Band.
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  • Reese Smith: Mounted Shooting Champion

    Reese Smith, a Flower Mound student, has been participating in mounted shooting, receiving many accolades and awards.
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  • Symphonic Band: Christmas Trip to Branson, Missouri

    The Symphonic Band performed as the opening act for the Haygoods show at the Clay Cooper Theatre over Christmas Break.
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