Portrait of a Graduate

Coram Deo Academy exists to train ethical servant-leaders and wise thinkers who will shape culture for the glory of God.  What, then, does a graduate of Coram Deo Academy look like? What type of person are we aiming to partner with churches and parents to form?
As ethical servant leaders, CDA graduates embody virtue and embrace the Christian call to love God and love their neighbor.
  • They seek to know the heart of Christ and be transformed into His likeness
  • They understand their place in Gods narrative of history
  • They submit ever more joyfully and eagerly to the Lordship of Christ over all things
  • They treasure, appreciate, and uphold what is true, good, and beautiful
  • They dignify and respect all people
  • They actively serve their church and community
  • They pursue servant-leadership in their vocation, family, and community
  • They honor authority in thought, word, and deed
  • They seek to protect the weak and oppressed
  • They know what it means to receive grace and be gracious to others
  • They understand that the development of virtue is Spirit-led and a result of God's grace
  • They live and speak in a manner seasoned with grace and humility
  • They persevere in difficult settings
As wise thinkers, CDA graduates love learning, reason wisely, and utilize the tools of learning, thinking, and expressing.
  • They embrace challenging subjects and topics
  • They exhibit excellence in academic pursuits
  • They pursue learning and truth throughout their lifetime
  • They read carefully and critically
  • They delight in the written and spoken word
  • They spend some of their leisure time actively pursuing the liberal arts and attending to the fine arts
  • They listen carefully and discerningly
  • They think clearly, precisely, and creatively
  • They embody and practice Christian discernment
  • They understand the relationship between faith and learning
  • They evaluate worldly wisdom and truth according to biblical wisdom
  • They view every subject as integrated in and through Christ
  • They write and speak articulately, eloquently, and persuasively
  • They are versed in the rich tradition of the liberal arts in order to think critically and clearly about all of life
  • They employ the tools contained within the liberal arts and sciences
  • They participate in the Great Conversation” through familiarity with the Great Books”
  • They understand the progression of Western thought through the study of theology, philosophy, and literature
As persons who shape culture for the glory of God, CDA graduates will critique and create culture for the sake of expanding Christ’s kingdom.
  • They understand that Christ is preeminent over all creation
  • They apply Christian worldview principles to everyday life
  • They view their vocational path as a way to serve God and his kingdom
  • They articulate and defend their faith persuasively and humbly
  • They discern and love beauty as manifested in creation and the arts
  • They possess aesthetic sensibilities that lead to worship and delight in Gods glory.
  • They make aesthetic judgements about art that reflect a biblical worldview.
  • They choose classical, Christian education for their own children
  • They put others at ease, and are themselves at ease, in all social situations


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