Our goal is not only prepare CDA graduates to succeed in college, but even more importantly, to become men and women who are equipped to impact the world for God’s glory.
The mission of Coram Deo Academy is to train ethical servant-leaders and wise thinkers who will shape culture for the glory of God. This training begins with a community of dedicated Christian instructors, parents, and students who embrace the challenge and rigor of a CDA education. Since all wisdom and knowledge is derived from God, our instructors teach from a Biblical worldview based on the foundation of the creation, fall, and redemption of man.

At Coram Deo Academy, students in PK4 through 12th grade complete a rigorous, vertically aligned, and systematic course of study. Classical education is an invitation, as one writer puts it, to join the “Great Conversation.” Reading the best authors, such as Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, and Dickens, not only encourages critical reasoning and sharpens students’ writing abilities, but also develops the moral imagination as students grow in their love for what is good and true. Students  begin the study of Latin in third grade, which develops logic and problem solving skills while reinforcing a student’s understanding of grammar and language. Studies have shown that students who study Latin perform better in other subjects and on the SAT, and have higher college GPA’s. Through the study of mathematics and science, God’s creation and order are clearly illustrated. History is studied chronologically from the dawn of the ages to modern day, which provides the outline for the study of literature, art, music, and science.

Under the direction of the Director of Curriculum, CDA has Department Chairs that provide expertise and leadership for the core subjects of English, History, Math and Science. Together, the Curriculum Department is responsible for selecting, implementing and reviewing CDA’s curriculum to ensure that it provides academic excellence rooted in a Biblical worldview while supporting collaboration between teachers, students, and parents. 

Curriculum Leadership

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Robert Terry

    Mr. Robert Terry 

    Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Photo of Andrea Woodard

    Dr. Andrea Woodard 

    Assistant Director of Curriculum
  • Photo of Wendy Powell

    Mrs. Wendy Powell 

    English Department Chair, RS English - FM
  • Photo of Crystal Summers

    Mrs. Crystal Summers 

    Collin County Dean of Students; English Asst. Chair; Logic/Rhetoric English & Electives
  • Photo of Traci Heitschmidt

    Dr. Traci Heitschmidt 

    History Dept Chair; RS History, English, Athletics - FM

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of William Victor

    Dr. William Victor 

    History Asst. Chair; RS History; Electives - FM
  • Photo of Elizabeth Bowen

    Mrs. Elizabeth Bowen 

    Fine Arts Chair; Electives - FM
  • Photo of Jodi Bergstrom

    Mrs. Jodi Bergstrom 

    Languages Asst. Chair, RS Spanish, Electives - CC
  • Photo of DeAnne Thomas

    Mrs. DeAnne Thomas 

    Flower Mound Rhetoric Principal; Math Chair

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Hannah Lee

    Ms. Hannah Lee 

    Co-Asst Math Chair; RS Math - Dallas
  • Photo of Shelley Lessert

    Mrs. Shelley Lessert 

    Co-Asst Math Chair; LS Math, Science; Electives - CC
  • Photo of Bridget Schober

    Mrs. Bridget Schober 

    Science Department Chair, RS Science - FM
  • Photo of Winsor Vanderhill

    Mrs. Winsor Vanderhill 

    Science Asst. Chair, LS/RS Science - Dallas
  • Photo of Jon Jordan

    Rev. Jon Jordan 

    Dallas Headmaster, Theology Department Chair
  • Photo of Tyson Guthrie

    Mr. Tyson Guthrie 

    Theology Asst. Chair, LS History; RS Theology; Electives - FM


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