Flower Mound

Coram Deo Academy is a private school originally established in 1999 in Flower Mound with 57 students in grades 6th-11th. In the following years, the school grew to have over 730 students in PreK-12th grades and over 300 graduates shaping culture for the glory of God. The purchase of the beautifully wooded campus in 2005 was the Academy’s first permanent location.  The Flower Mound campus offers both the Signature Program and Five Day Program (5th grade and up) for grades PreK-12.

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  • Grammar School

    Students in grades PreK-4 are at the grammar stage of learning with a focus on breaking new concepts down to the required fundamental skills or facts and mastering them through memorizing jingles, chants, and songs.  Each class also has an annual festival which gives students the opportunity to share what they have learned with their fellow classmates and parents - it is fun way to start public speaking at an early age!
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  • Logic School

    Students in grades 5 – 8 are moving through the Logic stage of learning.  During this stage, they study the relationship of facts they learned at the grammar stage and how they fit or work together.  They also are examining arguments.  Although Bible is not a separate subject after 5th grade, a Biblical worldview is interwoven into the teaching of all subjects.

    “CDA has given our family more time together...
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  • Rhetoric School

    Students in grades 9-12 are considered to be in the Rhetoric stage of learning. Mastery of this stage requires the articulation of learning through oral and written expression. For CDA students this includes, but is not limited to, speeches, debates, papers, working with original source documents, and proofs in mathematics. 

     “The Rhetoric School teachers are all truly...
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Parent Community

Our families have many opportunities to grow together. Parent 2 Parent (P2P) is a parent organization established to help new families easily transition into our school model.  Idea Exchange (for GS parents) and Straight Talk (for LS and HS parents) hold events that help parents with the at-home portion of our program and family life in general.  Moms in Touch meets regularly to pray for the school, faculty, students and families.

Flower Mound Admission Events

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Flower Mound Campus Events

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  • Apr

    FM GS PreK Festival

    FM Grammar Bldg - Fireside Room, 4900 Wichita Trail, Flower Mound, TX 75022 - FMFS
  • Apr

    FM RS Theater rehearsals

    FM Lyceum - Gym
  • Apr

    FM GS PreK Festival

    FM Grammar Bldg - Fireside Room, 4900 Wichita Trail, Flower Mound, TX 75022 - FMFS
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Contact Us

(682) 237-0232
4900 Wichita Trail, Flower Mound, TX  75022

Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 4:00 pm

Grammar:  8:15 am - 2:45 pm (M/W or T/Th)
Logic:   8:00 am - 2:30 pm (M/W or T/Th)
Rhetoric:   8:00 am - 3:30 pm (M/W or T/Th)

* NOTE: Friday class times depend on electives selected.  After school electives are also available for Logic students

If a Late Start is declared, the following schedules will be used:
- Core Days   <OR>   Fridays

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  • Photo of Polly Dwyer

    Polly Dwyer 

    Campus Administrator & RS Principal
  • Photo of Yvette Cavender

    Yvette Cavender 

    GS Principal
  • Photo of Kristan Williams

    Kristan Williams 

    LS Principal
  • Photo of Matt Holland

    Matt Holland 

    Dean of Students
  • Photo of Jennifer Musgrove

    Jennifer Musgrove 

    FM Admissions Coordinator
  • Photo of Sean Riley

    Sean Riley 

    Campus Athletic Director & Football Program Director
  • Photo of Tegan Thacker

    Tegan Thacker 

    Campus College Coordinator - FM

Flower Mound Campus News

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  • From Kinder to College - The Newtons’ CDA Perspective

    It is easy to get lost in the minutiae of reading, writing, and arithmetic, head down and focused on projects, assignments, speeches, and debates, with the end goal of achieving the coveted Coram Deo Academy diploma. However, a CDA diploma is not the end, but rather a springboard to the future, and for most students the next step is college. Inside this issue of For This Day, we hear from one Coram Deo family that has first-hand experience of our unique learning environment from kindergarten through 12th grade, and how that learning prepared their kids for the challenges of college.
  • "The Quarantine Blues"

    Do you have “The Quarantine Blues”? Looking at these precious Coram Deo students and teachers continuing to grow, learn, teach and enjoy extended family time will wash those blues away! The original score and performance using piano, guitar, bassoon and banjo was created and produced by our very own Nolan Marshall, 9th grader at the Flower Mound campus!

    Clicking the link below is highly recommended to combat “The Quarantine Blues”!
  • Noah Taylor - #1 Three Point Shooter in the Nation!

    Join us in congratulating Senior Noah Taylor on his current standing as the National 3-point shooter in the nation! Read how Noah accomplished this amazing feat...