Application Process

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Curriculum and Testing

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  • Where can I find your book list?

    You may preview our current year book list at an Admissions Event.  New school year book lists (with specific ISBN numbers for purchasing) will be made available to enrolled families in July. Summer reading book lists come out in May.
  • Why do CDA students take Latin starting in third grade? Is Latin mandatory for upper school students?

    Latin is a linchpin in classical education. This ancient language is foundational for English language; it builds vocabulary and the study of its grammatical structure is sort of "gymnastics for the brain"! Here are Top 10 Reasons why the study of Latin is important.

    CDA students start taking Latin in 3rd grade and will complete Latin I (a CDA graduation requirement) by eighth grade. In high school, students have the option of continuing with Latin or taking Spanish I and II.
  • CDA students have been taking Latin since third grade. How will my child catch up?

    We have new students coming every year and most of them haven’t had Latin.  Fourth and fifth graders receive enough review and repetition in the regular classroom that new students are able to catch up. We have a summer Latin camp available for grades sixth and up.  Since Latin I is a CDA graduation requirement, it is offered for new students in grades 8th and above to take on Fridays.
  • If I don’t know Latin, how will I help my child?

    Most of the parents at our school don’t know Latin either! All the teaching is done at school. If your child has questions, they can ask the teacher.  After school or Friday Latin labs may be available at your respective campus.
  • What standardized tests do you use for current students? Do you “teach to the test” for your annual standardized testing of current students?

    For more information regarding the standardized tests by grade and the reports available, please see our Testing Summary. We teach mastery of the material and our robust curriculum and students’ hard work is reflected in higher than average test scores. Standardized tests are used partially as a verification tool of our curriculum and instructional methods.  As a parent, the test results give you insight into how your child compares to their peers nationally. 

Transition / Managing the home Day

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Additional questions? Please contact the admission coordinator at the campus nearest you. 

Admissions Staff

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  • Mrs. Barbara Rogers 

    Director of Admissions
    (972) 268-9434
  • Mrs. Jan Geist 

    Collin County Admissions Coordinator & District Admissions Assistant
    (972) 675-7317
  • Mrs. Rhonda Hillner 

    Dallas Admissions Coordinator
  • Mrs. Lisa Lohstroh 

    Flower Mound Admissions Coordinator
    (972) 675-7302