Friday elective classes at Coram Deo help foster your child’s creativity. There is no doubt that creativity is as natural and necessary for children as fresh air and sunshine! By exposing children to creative experiences, we give them the gift of a rich and memorable childhood while laying the foundation for a lifetime of creative expression. Explore the CDA Electives offerings and choose the classes right for your family. We look forward to seeing you on Fridays! Please note that elective offerings vary from campus to campus. Read our elective policies.

CDA Parent

CDA has blessed our family with an abundance of grace, love and truth that has been poured into our children. I am constantly amazed at the teachers and how they love my children so well and teach with enthusiasm, creativity, and energy. We will be at CDA for many years to come!

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  • Grammar School

    Electives for Kindergarten through 4th grade include Science, Art, Music, PE, Spanish, and Drama. Students in Hands-on-Science explore God's wonderful world through everything from taking hikes and digging in the dirt to exploring the human body, planting gardens, and flying kites. Students interested in art may take Basic Art, where they learn about Line, Shape, Color, Form, Space, Value, and Texture. Other options for budding artists have included Art Through Time and Art Through Winning Illustrations. Please see the elective schedules above for specific elective offerings on each campus.
  • Logic School

    Elective options for 5th - 8th grade continue to include Art, Spanish, Science, and PE, but expand to additional enrichment opportunities, such as Band, Choir, Guitar, Astronomy, Journalism, Speech, Theater, and more. Many electives begin to require performances and additional practice time outside of class. Students learn to sing, play an instrument, perform, or refine another skill, while developing confidence and working as part of a team environment.
  • Rhetoric School

    Electives on Fridays include Fine Arts Electives (Visual Arts, Art History, Choir, Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Drama, Guitar, Speech and Debate, and Yearbook), Language Electives (Latin, Spanish, and Greek), Theology Electives (courses such as Vocation and Calling, Ancient Christian Theology, Applied Theology, and Philosophy), and other electives specific to each campus. Some examples of campus specific electives include Astronomy, Family & Consumer Science, Computer Programming and Chess.