Biblical Integration

By challenging students to look at everything through a biblical lens, biblical integration is not simply part of the curriculum, it is actually a model for living Coram Deo “in the presence of God".
CDA’s goal is to put the very best resources into our students’ hands. When a Christian textbook meets the highest academic standards, it is our preference to select it. However, if a secular textbook better meets the rigorous content requirements of a specific course, it may be utilized. A textbook is a tool in teaching a specific course, and it does not make up the entirety of the course. Our teachers, thoughtful and committed Christians, are the key to the integration of the subject with biblical wisdom. Our instructors are the daily models of the love of God and impart this naturally through their subject matter. Many of our instructors hold advanced degrees and several are seminary graduates, and their knowledge and expertise are critical to the success of the curriculum development and instruction.
During the construction or revision of a course, instructors may spend time researching and integrating biblical thinking into their course plan. In the classroom, it is through their own lives and walk with God, through devotional messages that are communicated, and also through intentional encouraging students to see literature, history, science, art through a biblical lens.  How does this piece of literature point to Truth, Goodness and Beauty (or its lack) as found in the Scriptures?  How do the truths of math or the laws of science point to the truths of the Designer who made them?  How does history point back to the need for redemption or the progress of the gospel?  How can a student think critically about issues and express them clearly, thoughtfully and in accordance with God's truth?  By challenging students to look at everything through a biblical lens, biblical integration is not simply part of the curriculum, it is actually a model for living Coram Deo “in the presence of God.”
Another important aspect of biblical integration comes through our collaboration with parents and their churches.  In various cases (8th grade history, 10th and 12th grade theology courses, for example), students are given assignments which require interaction with both their parents and pastors over biblical issues and convictions. As Coram Deo Academy  is a private school and is not affiliated with a specific denomination, our students and families come from various Christian traditions and we hope that the collaboration between the school, families and pastors, along with students of other Christian denominations, can enrich the learning environment and the degree to which the Scriptures are truly integrated into the lives of the students.  


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