Collin County House System

Being born out of the rich House tradition of the Flower Mound Campus, the Collin County House system began in the spring of 2012 and has grown along with our school. Our initial House Presidents helped lead the way along with their House officers, to create the House names. Martin Luther and Winston Churchill were chosen in recognition of these two men whose leadership and courage helped transform their worlds.
The primary goal of the House System in Collin County is to help students learn and grow as ethical servant leaders and wise thinkers who can shape culture for the glory of God. Consequently, the officers and students have been catalysts for several initiatives: developing the respective coats of arms for the Houses, the colors, mottos, values, t-shirts and designs and even the official House mascot, "Rufus." They have helped spur on community service projects (such as Operation Christmas Child) and also practice a self-governance that emphasizes developing friendships across grade levels and encouraging one another in their relationship with the Lord.
At the initiation of the House leadership in the fall of 2013, we began a weekly program in which all students gather at the beginning of the week in their respective House in order to hear a short devotional message from one of their peers to help them grow in their relationship with the Lord. Houses also coordinated competitive intramurals, House videos, and a yearly Thanksgiving potluck-party for the high school, among other events.
During the spring of 2014, we restructured the House out of a desire to develop leaders even more effectively. Consequently, each of our House leadership teams has their own personal faculty advisor who works with them to help them develop important leadership skills. Our desire is to use the house system today to prepare Coram Deo students to live and lead tomorrow for the glory of God; "Coram Deo," in the presence of God.
In the fall of 2015, as our high school had grown over 60% since we began the Collin County House system, we added the House of Newton.  This addition expanded opportunities for service, community and spiritual growth on the campus.

House Offices

President & Vice President
The President and Vice President are responsible for providing overall leadership for their Houses, and for coordinating the annual House retreat and weekly House meetings. The presidents and vice-presidents work closely with the respective Faculty Advisors of their Houses.

Chaplains provide oversight of the Tuesday morning devotional program and also other initiatives related to spiritual growth and development. The Chaplains are advised by the House Coordinator of Spiritual Development, who is a faculty member with a Master’s degree in theology and practical pastoral/ministry experience.

Community Service Coordinators
The role of Community Service Coordinators is to work with the planning, mobilization and implementation of service opportunities within and outside the school for the glory of God. The Community Service Coordinators are advised by one of the faculty House advisors.

Historians are those who document school traditions and help carry on the legacy of the House. In addition to photography and preserving memories of the Houses, at their own initiative this fall, the Collin County Historians plan on implementing a periodic student-run publication.

Intramural Coordinators
Intramural Coordinators oversee the competitions between the Houses in their battle to gain the right to the title at the end of the year of the Coram Deo Academy Collin County “Manticore Cup” Trophy. Both the historians and intramural coordinators are advised by the Intramural/Historian Coordinator, who as both a Coram Deo faculty member and CDA-Flower Mound alumnus, is quite familiar with the long history and tradition of our campus.

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