Francis A. Schaeffer, Art & the Bible

 “The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.”
Since we are made in the image of our Creator (Gen. 1:26-27), art making is a wonderful way to exercise creativity and glorify God in the process. CDA art students with all levels of experience in grades 5-12 learn the elements of art and principles of design as well as classical drawing methods. With this foundation, students are able to formulate their creative ideas to produce and analyze meaningful works of art. Classes are designed to build on one another from year to year to encourage individual artistic growth. All CDA art classes come together at the Night of Art (and Jazz!) to share their art at the end of the year.
In addition to studio art classes on Fridays, AP Art History is offered twice a week for grades 10-12. Through this course, students closely examine major forms of artistic expression throughout history in architecture, sculpture, painting, and other media. Potential college credit and travel opportunities are possible through this course.
In our art program:
  • We strive to pursue artistic excellence as well as a love for art!
  • We work to master foundational visual art skills and build on those in later advanced art classes.
  • We experiment with a variety of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and mixed media.
  • We raise awareness of a specific local or global need by producing quality artwork as a means of service.

In recent years, CDA artists successfully competed in a variety of art competitions at the regional, state and national level.
ACCS (Association of Christian Classical Schools) Blakey Art Prize in Painting 2021 and runner-up in 2020
TGB (Truth Goodness and Beauty) Art Competition in Colleyville: Over 20 medals awarded in grades 7-12 each year since 2018
VASE (Visual Art Scholastic Event) Regional Art High School Competition: 10-20 entries received top honors each year since 2018
VASE State Art Competition: 1-2 CDA medalists each year since 2018

Visual Arts Leadership

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  • Photo of Nicole Powers

    Nicole Powers 

    RS Spanish, Electives - Dallas
  • Photo of Mandy Cave

    Mandy Cave 

    Electives - FM
    • Night of Art 2021


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