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  • March

    Ash Wednesday Letter

    Rev. Jon Jordan
    I read the story of blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) for the umpteenth time in my life a couple of weeks ago, and something new clicked. As those who spend regular time in Scripture over a sustained period of time can attest, this is a common occurrence. The familiar finds a way of becoming pleasantly unfamiliar again and again.

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  • February

    Musgrove Family

    I've Been Dancing with Her Ever Since

    Mr. Jared Musgrove
    A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children… Proverbs 13:22

    Stories are powerful. They have a unique way of speaking to us and shaping who we are. Stories are indeed a means of discipleship. That is why I believe storytelling is essential to the flourishing of marriages and families. I have found this to be increasingly true in my own life as I have grown from boy to man and from to husband to father.
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  • Coming Up for Air

    Mrs. Mandi Gerth
    I have spent countless hours poolside while my kids received swimming lessons. It takes a serious amount of time to teach five kids to swim. But I willingly committed my time and energy to this purpose because, to put it bluntly, you cannot breathe under water.
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  • January

    Vowell Family

    In the Valley of the Shadow

    Mrs. Shannon Vowell
    “Yea, thou I walk through the valley...”

    Choosing a school for one’s child rarely begins with questions of life and death. When our family settled on Coram Deo for our daughter’s middle and high school years, our decision was based on the combination of rigorous academics and Christ-centered pedagogy offered here. Veteran parents who’ve invested in a broad range of diverse educational options with our older children, we saw in CDA a special blend of intellectual excellence and spiritual integrity.
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  • Alynda and her family

    Home-School Days: There's No One Right Way

    Mrs. Alynda Long
    The 2018-19 school year at Coram Deo Academy is halfway over, and we are all probably settled into our schedules by now. For some, it’s a well-oiled machine after several years of tweaking, but others are embarking on this journey for the first time. We all have something to learn each year.

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  • You Are Special In The Lord's Eyes

    Mrs. Shannan Needleman
    "The teacher quickly corrected the group, but with gentle encouragement reassured the group, “Don’t get discouraged, you are all special in the Lord’s eyes.” The class uses this mantra to support one another when they make mistakes, and this has even spilled over to our home.  When I asked my daughter if she had taken her laundry upstairs, after several requests, she replied, “No mom, but don’t forget I am special in the Lord’s eyes.”
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