The Life Lessons Baseball Has Taught Me - Brian Wawczak

"The aspects of baseball which have helped me most with my studies and life are that of focus and improvement."
Over the past eleven years my love for the game of baseball has evolved, but the core passion remains the same. Baseball is one of the constants in my life. The game requires training of physical attributes (throwing, batting, and catching,) as one would expect in any sport. How baseball differs from other sports is that to excel and succeed at the game, it is a necessity to be mentally sharp and tough. 

            When you get up to bat, the game revolves around you. Mental sharpness is needed to focus on the next pitch. Even when you get out, the toughness to learn and adjust is what transforms talented players into great players. The continual opportunities are another great aspect of baseball. Although chances may come only once in life, there will always be another at bat, fly ball, or ground ball. The constant progress of getting better is what motivates me to play the game of baseball. 

            The aspects of baseball which have helped me most with my studies and life are that of focus and improvement. Baseball requires everyone to be fully engaged at all times. In some weird meta-physical phenomena, the ball always finds anyone not paying attention. When up to bat, on base, or in field every player has to know the situation. I have learned that I have to stay focused and strive for improvement in school as well. I have to set goals and be engaged in my life. Just like in baseball, it is obvious when I make mistakes in my studies. This ability to adjust is vital to thrive. 

            Although some people may know that Coram Deo varsity baseball advanced to the regional finals last season, others may not realize that it took us a while to hit our stride. The first few weeks we played timidly but eventually we took pride in playing good, clean ball games where we left everything on the field. Each game we progressed while having a lot of fun along the way. Although we are losing some important players this season, we will go into next season knowing what it takes to win consistently and excited to win it all after being on the cusp of total victory last year.

            The most important lesson I learned from baseball is dedication. I would encourage anyone to try baseball, but it is unlike other sports. In other sports if someone is a natural athlete he may be able to pick up a sport quickly. Baseball requires time and patience. Even the simple things like throwing a ball 50 feet on target every time takes years to master and requires practice to maintain this skill. Every time I take a long break it comes back to bite me. Every craft takes time, diligence, and patience to master and to maintain mastery.  
Baseball has been a big part of my life and I hope it continues to be for a long time. I realize baseball is not for everyone’s liking, but I hope everyone can have a renewed appreciation for the game which has engraved its place in our nation’s history.
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