CDA Homecoming: Kate Radovich Class Of 2017

Tomorrow evening is our 2017 CDA Homecoming game and we’re happy to hear from CDA 2017 graduate Kate Radovich. She’s currently a freshman at the University Of Alabama where she is studying mechanical engineering and minoring in biology.

Thank you for your time Kate!
During your time as a student what did you enjoy about Spirit Week leading up to Homecoming? 
Honestly, I really enjoyed not having to wear a uniform every single day of the week. It was really fun to see how creative everyone was, but not wearing a uniform was better.

What are three items you cherish about being a part of a community now that you're a first year college student?
Some of the things that I really enjoyed about being a part of the community at CDA included being friends with people in the grades above and below me, going to a football game or a basketball game and knowing all the athletes, and getting to celebrate with the team after games.

How exciting was the CDA Homecoming Football Game to you and your family?
The homecoming game was a really big deal to me because it was one of the biggest games of year. It was really exciting because of the huge crowd of students, parents, and alumni, and because homecoming was the next day. 

What was the best memory of Homecoming you can share?
I think my favorite homecoming memory would have to be homecoming junior year. Spirit week that year was my favorite, and at the game I had a lot of fun with my friends in the stands and at Rosa's afterwards.