Place God First In Your Life - Aaron Mackie

Current CDA student athlete and the 2016 & 2017 TAPPS State Tennis Champion Aaron Mackie illustrates how tennis has helped him to become self aware and brought his relationship with God closer.
I play tennis because I love the individuality of the sport. It helps me better understand who I am as a person and shows me my strengths and weaknesses on and off the court. Tennis is one of the few sports where you have to rely on yourself, and it does not allow you to blame others for your mistakes. 

Tennis has shown me how to deal with tough situations when no one else can help you. In tournaments, coaching is not allowed when you are on court, so it is up to the player to coach themselves. Tennis has shown me how to be independent and this has transferred into all aspects of my life.

Self-motivation is an important part of tennis and because of this, I have been able to motivate myself to finish things such as school work even if at the time I really do not want to. I also think tennis has given me a closer relationship with God. When you are out on court with no one to talk to, it can seem lonely but knowing that God is always with me gives me comfort and relaxes because I know no matter the result, it is His plan. 

Winning state last season was a great feeling. It showed that all of the hours that I put into tennis had paid off. Playing for CDA motivated me even more because I was not just playing for myself, but also for my school, which was special.

I think trying out for tennis at CDA is a great idea because tennis is one of the few sports that you can play your whole life. Tennis is usually solitary but when you play on a team, it becomes a much more social sport. Playing for your team and getting to know yourself are reasons why people should try out tennis at CDA.
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