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This is our 2nd year at CDA and it is a tremendous blessing to our family.  CDA desires “to train the next generation of ethical servant leaders and wise thinkers who will shape culture for the glory of God.”  We have observed CDA to be a school that excels at their mission and we thank God for it.
We see this excellence throughout the culture of the school when we read the assignment sheets from the teachers, hear the administration speak at a school function, observe the coaches huddle with the team, admire Mr. Hines’ craftsmanship building the shed, appreciate the hot lunch coordinators, or pray with other parents.  Each person understands and communicates the same high level goal in their own God-given way.  
We learned in orientation last year that many of our daughter’s 7th grade teachers had a degree in the subject that they taught.  Both my husband and I thought this was noteworthy as we both did not experience that type of specialization until college.  Those teachers also expressed a love for the subject they were teaching that was contagious.  Both of our younger children’s grammar teachers last year were wonderful.  I feel like we have a special connection with them both.   
The CDA family is others focused.  We saw how CDA gathered together to pack meals for needy children and gather food for our local community.  Also, we were warmly welcomed.  Many people answered my list of daily questions.  Several families reached out to our children in special ways.  There is a refreshing openness and directness in communication within CDA’s culture that promotes trust.  
Our eldest daughter who is now in 8th grade has been given the opportunity to try three sports that were new to her.  Because of the excitement and willingness of her coaches to help her learn, she has found a sport that she loves!  Our son who is now in 5th grade enjoyed playing on the grammar basketball team coached by CDA parents.  It was a great way for him to make friends especially during his first year.  And our youngest daughter in 3rd grade enjoyed the physical education skills tests!  
Of course, no education solution is perfect.  We know this is true for every school, including our own home school for 7 years!  Our campus director, Toby Oaks, shared an idea with the new parents at a welcoming coffee last summer.  He said that we should take a minute to think about why we chose CDA and that those thoughts may help us later during difficult times.  This nugget of wisdom has stayed with me and encourages me when I have been uncertain of how we will get all the work done or when disappointed in some detail.  Keeping those thoughts in mind help me to see God’s bigger plan and allow me to respond in wisdom and gratitude. 
Through academics and athletics at CDA our children continue to grow in their ability to think and to learn.  We feel that these priceless skills will enable them to be prepared for whatever work that the Lord has for them for God’s glory and other’s good.
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  • Susie Hastings
    Hi Donna, Thank you for your insight. Yumi will be starting on Mondays and Wednesdays next year in 10th grade and will be the Tuesday Thursday logic class for next year. Hope to see you soon.