CDA Homecoming: Ryan Southerland Class Of 2013

As part of homecoming week, we’ll hear from CDA 2013 graduate Ryan Southerland who is currently attending Texas A&M University and studying Bio-medical science. 
Thanks for your time Ryan!
Let’s begin, so what life lessons has CDA taught you?
CDA brought me my best friends. One of them is in Denton, one in Arkansas, and the other down the hall as my roommate. I learned that the path we take isn’t always straight, nor is it easy. There will be bumps and turns, but in the end we’ll end up right where God intends us to be.
What type of feelings did you have leading up to homecoming?
When I came back my Sophomore year for a CDA homecoming, it was a sense of home. I knew just about everyone still, and could talk to anybody. I got to meet the friends I had on the football team, and we all had a great time.
What do you value about our community?
CDA’s homecoming has taught me it isn’t a bad thing to be small. Being able to come back to a homecoming where you know everybody and everybody is your friend is a great feeling.
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