Alumni: The CDA Legacy

Donnie Brake
Monday night, just before the first presidential debate, I had the privilege to have dinner with two Coram Deo Academy alumni, Michael Sobolik and Lauren Devoll. Both of these graduates are working on Capitol Hill and have very important jobs especially during this political season.
Last week, representing SEA Partners, along with 30 other organizations, I was in Washington DC lobbying congress to take a more proactive approach to solving the political crisis in South Sudan. While in DC, I was able to meet up with CDA alumni, Lauren and Michael, for dinner at their favorite hamburger joint. A significant part of my job is talking with alumni and their parents.  As many are still in college, the conversations usually focus of how well they were prepared for college. Since Lauren and Michael graduated in 2009 and 2007 respectively, our conversation centered on how CDA prepared them for life and their leadership roles in politics.

After an hour and a half of conversation, they both agreed that the best thing about CDA is our teachers. Lauren said “We were taught to evaluate knowledge with wisdom” and Michael agreed that the Socratic method of learning, that comes from classical education, taught him to think critically and to discern right from wrong. They both believed that without our fantastic teachers who cared about them personally this would have been much more difficult.

This is the legacy of CDA - it flows through our graduates, from our faculty and then into our culture. We are truly training ethical servant leaders and wise thinkers who are shaping culture for God’s glory. Michael and Lauren are just two examples of this truth. I am so privileged to be a part of this great institution and thank God for his blessing on us through our alumni.


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