Mrs. Dwyer receives the TPSMEA Distinguished Administrator of the Year

Mrs. Paula “Polly” Dwyer, the Flower Mound Campus Administrator and Logic/High School Director for Coram Deo Academy, was awarded the TPSMEA Distinguished Administrator of the Year on January 30, 2016.
As you can see from the excerpt of the nomination that was submitted by our Band Director, Elizabeth Bowen, it is an award well deserved:
“Mrs. Dwyer is steadfast in her insistence on excellence in all school programs – and certainly in the music programs. She believes that art and music feed the soul and are vital parts of an education. She encourages students to give a music program a try.  Mrs. Dwyer has been a constant support to both the band and choir directors and always seeks positive solutions for the challenges that come to growing music programs…Mrs. Dwyer shows sound leadership skills and profound love for our kids and the power of music.
“Under Mrs. Dwyer’s leadership, the number of band students has more than doubled; the number of choir students more than quadrupled. A Jazz Band was added as well as two new Choirs. Almost one of every three CDA Logic and High School students participates in a music class.
“Under her oversight, a Band Booster program was created. This has allowed the Band to purchase major instruments and all the percussion instruments entirely on private donations without affecting the Band’s budget.
“A major indicator of a music program’s growth is the impressive number of students qualifying for TPSMEA All State over the years. Beginning in 2008, at least two CDA students have qualified for TPSMEA All State Band each year with an increasing number qualifying each year. This year, 17 band students (from a band of 40 students) qualified for a TPSMEA All State band and 3 choir students (from a choir of 30 members) qualified for TPSMEA All State Choir. Because of Mrs. Dwyer’s support as an administrator, fund raiser and all around cheerleader, our band and choir directors and students are able to focus on producing beautiful and excellent music.
“A band parent recently observed that 'When we came to Coram Deo Academy we knew the school was very special but had no idea that the band program at our small school could become so successful. '  As Dr. Tracy Heitschmidt, chair of the CDA History department said recently, 'Mrs. Dwyer has the wisdom, patience and love to guide every student to success. She does this while also earning the deepest respect from the entire faculty.'”
Please join us in celebrating this accomplishment.