Zach Moer - Class of 2011

Zach is currently a senior at the United States Air Force Academy.  He is a Civil Engineering major and plays basketball for the Academy.

While my time at CDA was brief compared to the grand scheme of life, its effects will last forever. I encourage enrolled students to not take it for granted; your next phase of life will be upon you much sooner than it may seem. And I hope you look back on CDA with the fondness that I do."
As a senior at the United States Air Force Academy, I have been privileged to have many unique experiences. Since graduating from CDA I have completed two basic trainings, pursued a Civil Engineering degree, held various leadership positions throughout the Cadet Wing, and traveled all over the country playing basketball as a Division 1 athlete. These opportunities have been amazing, and they have shaped me into the man I am today. But they wouldn’t have been possible, without the education and experiences I had at Coram Deo Academy.

I started attending CDA in sixth grade, after my mother Kimbra Moer started teaching music there.  Before that I was homeschooled, and my transition from that to prestigious, rigorous academics was difficult. But it ended up being one I would never regret. While the academics set me up for success at the Air Force Academy, the relationships and values I established at CDA have impacted me the most. The unequaled instructors of Coram Deo not only teach you in a way that prepares you for college, but they also desire to have a relationship with you. I wish time permitted me to list the teachers that left an impression on my life, but the list is far too long for me to mention all of them. In addition, I was surrounded by classmates who I shared similar values with. In a world where Christianity is becoming scarce, Coram Deo supplied me with an environment where I could express my faith freely and mold it into something I own. This aspect of my education strengthened my character significantly, and has impelled me to be an influence for Christ wherever I am in life. I am truly thankful Coram Deo was able to provide these things for me. 


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