CC Students Become Eagle Scouts

CC Students, Brayden Axford, Luke & Patrick Teson, and Evan Meyer, have all recently become Eagle Scouts. 
This is a major accomplishment, as they have a huge impact on the community by being good and productive members of society. This helps train the mental muscle of perseverance and working hard to achieve whatever they put their minds to. For these students, the journey to become an Eagle Scout can take anywhere from 2 to 6/7 years, which means a fortitude and dedication by all.
For these students who not only have a rigorous school schedule and, for some, athletics included, the time and attention put into reaching their goal of becoming Eagle Scouts truly shows their desire to make CDA's mission come to life as they are training to become ethical servant leaders in and out of the classroom.
We are so proud of Brayden, Luke, Patrick and Evan for their high achievements.


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