Logic Students Receive One Act Festival All-Star Cast Awards

Katie Beth Pelley
Over the weekend, CDA Dallas students from the Logic School Musical Theatre elective performed, “A Little Princess” at the second annual, Classics One Act Festival hosted by The Covenant School. 

The schools participating in The Classics One Act Festival were: The Covenant School, Dallas Christian, Legacy Christian, and Coram Deo Academy Dallas. 

This year was CDA's second year to participate in the One Act Festival. Five students from the act received "All-Star Cast Member" awards - Eleanor Freeman, Emma Rice, Caroline Purser, Piper Gorrod, and Merritt Morgenstern. 

“We are overwhelmingly proud of each one of these students. They rose to the occasion and told a beautiful story while representing our school,” said Musical Theatre teacher, Allison Florczak.  
Well done, students!  


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