CDA Families Usher in the New Year with Renewed Commitment to Classical Christian Education

Barbara Rogers
CDA’s Priority Reenrollment for current students opened with a flourish in the New Year! Clearly our families love the Christ-focused and strong academic foundation their children are receiving through CDA’s collaborative model!

Looking for a great resource to better understand classical education?  Pick up a copy of 
Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America by Andrew Kern & Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Jr.
"Classical education," according to Andrew Kern and Dr. Veith, "cultivates wisdom and virtue by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty." We at CDA believe this is how students learn what is right, what is worthy, and what is worthwhile.

We’re excited that you are considering CDA for your family’s educational needs. Whether you’ve already applied or are just starting to explore our program, we're excited for you to join the movement sweeping America!