FM: 2023 Solo & Ensemble Results

The results are in for the 2023 Solo & Ensemble for your Flower Mound Symphonic Band.
Congratulations to the FM CDA Symphonic Band!  It was an amazing day at Solo & Ensemble competition! We had 17 soloists and 13 small ensembles participating, and EACH made a superior rating, which is the highest rating possible.  In addition, we had soloists and 7 of our small ensembles advance to the State Solo and Ensemble Competition, which takes place May 27 To be able to advance to State is a real honor and speaks very highly of the musicianship of our students.  The TPSMEA president made a comment when CDA was checking out at the end of the day that CDA was cleaning him out of medals!  🙂
I am so proud of everyone who participated in this contest!  You are better players and musicians because of your hard work! 
Here are the results:  
* denotes students advancing to state 
Students advance to state when they make a superior rating on a class 1 solo. (Class is the most difficult category) 
The following FM CDA soloists received a medal and the highest score, Superior (1 rating):
Lauren Joseph *
Katie Adler *
McKell Richardson *
Lydia Trimble *
Jacob Witt *
Jeremy Sy *
Jonathan Papaila *
Collin DeSoto *
Abby Golz
Jessica Jung
Jasen Rakowski
Isaac Rinn
James Adams
Ben Schneider
Jack Revering
Joseph Younger
Scott Auvenshine
The following FM CDA ensembles received a medal and the highest score, Superior (1 rating)
* denotes ensembles advancing to state 
Flute trio *: Sarabeth Wall, McKell Richardson, Farrah Stratton
Flute trio *:  Lauren Joseph, Katie Adler, Lydia Trimble
Flute Choir *:  Katie Adler, Lydia Trimble, Sarabeth Wall, Faith Presley, Lauren Joseph
Clarinet Quartet *:  Stephen Hemsworth, Jacob Witt, Abby Golz, Jon Duhon
Saxophone quartet *:  Danielle Kofink, Jeremy Sy, Jasen Rakowski, Noah Kulle
Brass quintet *:  Cadi Duhon, James Adams, Joseph Younger, Jonathan Papaila, Ethan Adams
Percussion Ensemble *: Collin DeSoto, Lucas Smith, Zach Orlov, C.J. Chang, Michael Downey, Julia Sims, Brody Jones
Woodwind trio:  Katie Adler, Abby Golz, Caroline Coman
Woodwind trio:  Lauren Joseph, Stephen Hemsworth, Nolan Marshall
Clarinet Trio:  Jacob Witt, Jessica Jung, Zach Mehlman
Trumpet trio:  James Adams, Isaac Rinn, Ben Schneider
Low Brass Trio:  Josh Rauhauser, Aaron Younger, Luke Sterzik
Brass Trio: Levi Robertson, Scott Auvenshine, Jack Revering
Way to go CDA!