Flower Mound student receives rank of Eagle Scout

Flower Mound senior, Ross Wyche, recently achieved the rank and honors of the Eagle Scout rank with Boy Scouts.
Ross Wyche, a Flower Mound senior, has achieved what few do in the Boy Scouts of America, by being awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. His Troop 822 Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held on Saturday, Sept 3, 2022. To achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, each candidate must earn 21 merit badges and successfully complete a community, school, or church-related service project. For his final service project, Ross led volunteers in completing renovation work to the concession stand, umpire room, and batting cages for the Lewisville Baseball and Softball Association (LSBA). Several members of the CDA Baseball team and a few students came out to help with his project. When asked about the difficulty of the project, Ross stated, he had to “plan out the project, reach out to the benefactor, figure out the price, cost, and time it would take, and coordinate all the volunteers.” 
In Boy Scouts, there are seven ranks: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star Scout, Life Scout, and Eagle Scout. The rank of Eagle is accomplished by less than 4% of Boy Scouts. Ross first joined Boy Scouts at the age of 16 upon returning to the States after residing in Canada for two years. Ross was introduced to Scouts by a family member and enjoyed that Scouts offered many like-minded people he could talk to about similar interests and life lessons.  “I really enjoyed spending nights out in the woods with my troop members where our Scoutmasters shared life lessons and imparted wisdom from their own personal experiences. I also enjoyed participating in the numerous Troop service projects over the years, whether it was serving at the food shelter or simply helping other people – doing a good turn daily.” 
When asked about his biggest takeaway from Scouting, Ross stated “Respect is earned and not given. You must earn the respect of people; you are not given respect until you have earned it.” He also stated, “Good leadership requires serving.” As Ross prepares for the next chapter in his life, he’s looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead as he enters college.  “I thank God for the success I have had in Boy Scouts, and plan to use the skills I’ve learned in my day-to-day life going forward.” 


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