CDA Student participates in FBI Dallas Teen Academy

Collin County Senior, Jacob Leija, qualified for the chance to participate in the FBI Dallas Teen Academy earlier this summer.
Collin County Senior, Jacob Leija, participated in the FBI Dallas Teen Academy this summer, a program where hand-selected Seniors and recent graduates participate in a day of mentoring from FBI agents. The process to get into the Academy consist of not only an application but intensive background checks. The agents also do a deep dive into participants' social life to see who they are bringing into the selective group of people. This includes social media, what the participants have liked posted and shared. It was an honor and privilege for Jacob to be selected.
 The Leija family has a close friend who works in the FBI. After Jacob learned about the event he decided that to keep his options open he would apply, in part to see what a future career might look like working in the FBI.
Those chosen for the Academy shadowed FBI agents and were even able to sit down and talk to FBI attorneys as well as SWAT team members. Participants were able to ask questions about their day-to-day life as an agent as well as learn about the consequences of different crimes. Participants also were able to jump in a car with FBI agents and practice a pursuit where agents walked participants through different scenarios. Jacob states that the experience was very "hands-on... we went through each action while agents simply walked us through it."
Jacob stated that he walked away with even more respect for the agents after the day. "To see a glimpse of what the agents go through from the bomb squad intensity, to how fast agents react in certain situations." He states that the leadership shown in the FBI will really help in the future when deciding on his college career. "It was wonderful to see the different areas that I could possibly work in."
 Currently, Jacob is on course to graduate from the Collin County campus in 2023 and even has his own business on the side called 2 Maxx supplements. For his Senior year, Jacob looks forward to carrying what CDA has taught him to college and thanks everyone who has helped him get to where he is. Jacob has been a student at CDA since the 5th grade. Thank you Jacob for sharing this amazing story!


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