Give the Gift of Christian Education

Barbara Rogers
Coram Deo Academy’s classrooms boldly proclaim the kingship of Jesus all year long! We see the Hand of God in chemistry and all the sciences. God’s truth is found in our history (His-Story😊), literature, and mathematics classes as well as fine arts.

Here's a special Christmas poem for you to share with your family. Composed by my husband, it quickly became a family favorite (and I find the theology quite profound). 

Come to Bethlehem and see
Our God is born in lowly station
Come to Bethlehem and hear
The Angels sing in exultation
Honoring the ancient feast
A star appearing in the East
The shepherds leave their flocks at night
To guard the King of all creation
Come to Bethlehem and see
A baby lying in a manger
So that mankind shall be free
Our God is born in mortal danger
All the Angels have declared
A savior born
And mankind spared
So come to Bethlehem and see
Our God no longer is a stranger
                      --Greg Rogers



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