CDA FM Solo and Ensemble Winners!

Members of the CDA Flower Mound Band performed musical selections last May at the 2021 STATE Solo and Ensemble contest. With the COVID guidelines, students had to submit recordings instead of doing a live performance.  The music these students performed was at the highest "Class 1" difficulty level and required months of hard work from the students.
The list below represents students who not only took on the challenge of playing the most challenging music, but also accomplished the highest division "1" rating.  Results were announced over the summer.  
The following students received a Superior rating or "first division" on their solos:
*Lauren Joseph - flute
*McKell Richardson - flute
*Lindsey Anderson - flute
*Kirsten Browne - oboe
*Nolan Marshall - bassoon
*Owen Gerth - alto saxophone
*Danielle Kofink - alto saxophone
*Jeremy Sy - alto saxophone
*Tessa Linebarger - tenor saxophone
*Noah Kulle - baritone saxophone
*Levi Robertson - French horn
*Ethan Joseph - trumpet
The following students received a Superior rating "first division" on their ensembles:
*Flute ensemble:  Lauren Joseph, Rachel Irizarry, McKell Richardson, Lindsey Anderson 
*Flute ensemble:  Lauren Joseph, Sarabeth Wall, Farrah Stratton, McKell Richardson
*Saxophone quintet:  Owen Gerth, Danielle Kofink, Jeremy Sy, Tessa Linebarger, Noah Kulle
*Woodwind quintet:  Lauren Joseph, Caden Rogers, Genny Covert, Kirsten Browne, Nolan Marshall
*Trumpet trio:  Ethan Joseph, Brendon Kofink, Lana Linebarger 
*Low Brass quartet:  Ethan Kendall, Conner Aiena, David Brownen, Hudson Loper
*Percussion ensemble:  Seth Livingston, Alex Cannon, Josh Marshall, Collin Desoto, Barrett Brannan, Matthew Kline


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