CC Rhetoric School Finals & AP Exam Schedules (including Rhetoric blue jean day details)

Toby Oaks
Here is our schedule that we had sent a while back for our upcoming Rhetoric School Finals & AP Exams.

Please note the following important items
Because Rhetoric school finals are often two hours long and extend into the following week, we have a Rhetoric-only tradition of having a "blue jean" day during the days of finals (including Fridays), from May 8-14 (no jeans with holes nor super tight jeans, please). Uniform, spirit and house shirts only (except for 12th grade "College Shirts" on May 8-9)

If a student is a driver and has a finals period off, parents need to contact in order to give students permission to drive off campus. 

If a student needs a place to study between finals, our lobby area will be available.

After a student completes a final, they are to remain in their class (unless they are done and have permission to leave or have a ride to pick them up)