Getting to know senior Sydney Taylor

Toby Oaks
CDA-CC Grammar, Logic & Rhetoric School Families:
 Meet the CDA-CC Senior Class of 2019!
Your invitation to Commencement
4:00 p.m. May 18th
Stonebriar Community Church

Have you ever wondered, how do the hours of memorization, tests, assignments here at Coram Deo Academy come together at the end of a student’s time here?   Our objective in all the work, activities, sports, and student life is to help raise up ethical servant leaders and wise thinkers who will shape culture for the glory of God.   Throughout this year, we have been giving you an opportunity to get to know each one of the 21 members of our senior class.  You have gotten a glimpse of who they are, their aspirations, and what they have learned from their time here.   Today marks the last of the senior of the year that we will be featuring. We hope that in this you will be encouraged as you and your family are a part of this mission, as well!
 Introducing Sydney Mireille Taylor
Siblings: Sophie
Grade started CDA:  8th Grade

Activities while in HS :  Guitar freshman year, acting class, babysitting, housesitting, working at Starbucks, Track sophomore and junior year, youth group, P.E. freshman year, choir sophomore year.

Favorite moment at CDA:  My favorite moment at CDA was during an APES field trip to a water treatment plant. On the drive back to school, it was around noon so we were all getting hungry, and Dr. Arion stopped for gas and we noticed there was an ad for a good-priced pizza at the gas station. We all decided to ask Dr. Arion if we could go inside and buy a pizza before we went back to the school, and she let us. So we bought a pizza from QT and ate it on the drive back to school and had a mini pizza party. It was so fun and I’ll never forget how awesome that spontaneous pizza party was!

Colleges applied to:  Dallas Baptist University, UTD

Possible career path:  Small business owner

How has CDA prepared you to be an ethical servant leader and wise thinker in order to shape culture for the glory of God?   The fact that we integrate a Christian perspective into all of our classes has helped me see God in everything, even in the difficult things- like math. Classes like Theology 1 and 2 have helped me grow in my faith and equip me with the right tools in order to defend my faith in the future.