Seniors addressing culture and life via Capstones

Toby Oaks
Theology II/Apologetics is designed to be one the final classes at Coram Deo Academy to help launch 12th graders into the university.  An integral part of this course is the Capstone Research project, in which seniors pick a topic of interest in theology or culture to consider and address it in both writing and a presentation.  We have had topics on Christology, the Imago Dei, ethical issues in genetics, the death penalty and other important theological and cultural topics.  In the picture, 12th grader Jackson Meazell does a presentation on religious freedoms by looking at recent Supreme Court rulings.  It is our prayer that projects such as the Capstone, the One Thing (a spiritual disciplines' pursuit in semester one) and the Credo (what students believe about truth, goodness and beauty) in Quarter 4 will help prepare them well for life beyond Rhetoric school.