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  • March

    CDA Dallas Daily Prayer Guide: Sermon on the Mount edition

    Rev. Jon Jordan
    We encourage all of our CDA Dallas families to use our new Daily Prayer guide to mark your days at home with short moments of prayer and Scripture reading.
    These readings coincide with our At-Home Chapels over the coming weeks, and there are specific prayers at the end of the packet to help you find words to pray during our current situation.
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  • Our new At-Home Chapel: Daily Prayer and an introduction to our Sermon on the Mount series

    Rev. Jordan

    This new At-Chapel introduces the Daily Prayer Guide and also asks your students to send in questions they have about the Bible, the Church, or the History of our faith! Parents can submit these to me via email, and we will try to answer as many as we can in the coming weeks.
    Did you miss our first two At-Home Chapels?
    At-Home Chapel: The St. Patrick Edition:
    At-Home Chapel: The Big Email:
    Looking for the version of the Lord's Prayer we sing at the beginning? Check out our friends Liturgical Folk here:
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  • Our first At-Home Chapel: the Saint Patrick edition!

    Rev. Jon Jordan
    As we make the transition to online classes, we miss seeing your students! Be on the lookout for new At-Home Chapels each week. 
    This week we get a special visit from Saint Patrick. Gather as a family to join us as we sing the Lord’s Prayer, hear a message, and recite the Nicene Creed together.
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  • January

    5th Annual Chili & Cobbler Cook-off Winners!

    Last night over 150 of you came to enjoy Chili, Cobbler, and a little bit of friendly competition. Thank you to all of our PTF volunteers who made the event such a success!
    THE 2020 WINNERS
    Traditional Chili: Norfleet Family
    Non-Traditional Chili: Ausema Family
    Cobbler: Hammilton Family 

    THE 2020 JUDGES
    Kendra Marshall (wife of CDA President Dr. Alan Marshall)
    Mark Sangenito (CDA Dallas Dad)
    Riley Waldrum (CDA Dallas Student)
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  • 2nd Annual Book Fair a success!

    Thanks to all who organized, volunteered, and purchased from our Book Fair, we had a fantastic turnout! Students and parents explored new books and were able to leave with them in-hand to carry that reading excitement back home. This year's book fair included Faculty and Family book recommendations, which helped guide our students as they browsed the collection. This two day event led to over $5,000 in sales!
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  • RSVP today for our Spring Lecture Series!

    This semester in our Spring Lecture Series we explore C.S. Lewis's Abolition of Man as a guide to forming Christians in a confused and confusing society, and hear a compelling case for habit formation in the classroom and at home, plus tips for how to actually develop habits in the middle of a busy day.

    I hope you make plans to join us this semester at Communion Neighborhood Cooperative in Richardson as we enjoy one another while growing together in our partnership to train ethical servant leaders and wise thinkers who will shape culture for the glory of God.

    All CDA families and friends are invited to join the discussion! Read more to RSVP.
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  • Elective Spotlight: Intro to Woodworking

    Discipleship begins in and revolves around the home as it is there how they see God and the faith, the world, their place in it, their identity and how they will live in light of it. In our Introduction to Woodworking elective, while we will be working through the content mentioned in the course description, we will be explicitly to do so with the aim of beginning to instill a sense of confidence, usefulness, agency, artistic awareness, and a love for learning by doing. We’ll do this specifically through what is called the “sloyd method” which views education as an integrated endeavor of the body and mind using manual arts training to help inform academic, cognitive, and character development. In addition and most importantly, much of our lecture content, supplemental reading, and homework have the explicit objective of fostering opportunities for parent-child discipleship and spiritual formation. Some of those include:
    1. Developing a work ethic that isn’t scared of hard physical work and has the discipline, patience, and care to do what is necessary in order to do it well. 
    2. Learning to see work as a good gift from God we are called to do and something that can be enjoyed both for the process, the result, and the purpose.
    3. Initiating an unplugged activity, and cultivate a rhythm of creative skilled work and rest in order to therefore understand more about the world, themselves, and God as the Creator through handcraft.
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