Rhetoric School

Students in grades 9-12 are considered to be in the Rhetoric stage of learning. Mastery of this stage requires the articulation of learning through oral and written expression. For CDA students this includes, but is not limited to, speeches, debates, papers, working with original source documents, and proofs in mathematics. 

 “The Rhetoric School teachers are all truly...
...extraordinary!  Their commitment to the development of my children academically as well as spiritually - is such a blessing.” ~ CDA RS at Flower Mound parent

Rhetoric students in the Signature Program attend core classes either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  Rhetoric students in the Five Day program are scheduled for a combination of core classes and learning center times Monday through Thursday.  These students can also take advantage of all school-year electives which are included in the Five Day Program tuition.  

On Fridays, rhetoric school students have science labs, House meetings, and electives such as Guitar, Band, Theater, Choir, SAT Test Prep, Greek, Applied Theology and many others. Flower Mound also offers a variety of Junior Varsity and Varsity athletics.


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