Logic School

Students in grades 5 – 8 are moving through the Logic stage of learning.  During this stage, they study the relationship of facts they learned at the grammar stage and how they fit or work together.  They also are examining arguments.  Although Bible is not a separate subject after 5th grade, a Biblical worldview is interwoven into the teaching of all subjects.

“CDA has given our family more time together...
... challenged our kids academically and spiritually, and provided us with wonderful friends. Thank you!” ~ Flower Mound Logic parent, 2015

Logic students in the Signature Program attend core classes either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  Logic students in the Five Day program are scheduled for a combination of core classes and learning center times Monday through Thursday.  These students can also take advantage of all school-year electives which are included in the Five Day Program tuition. 

After school, Logic students can receive additional help by attending a Math or Latin lab.  Friday electives give Logic students an opportunity to enhance their learning through Classical guitar, Band, Art, Science Experiments and more.  Flower Mound Junior High athletic teams are available for students in grades 6-8.


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