Collaborative Approach

We know parents are entrusting us with their most precious gifts during a formative period in their lives. Our parents are an active and vital component of the learning at CDA. Most of our students are enrolled in CDA’s Signature Program - a university model schedule going to classes two to three days per week (2 days of core coursework with 1 day of electives on Fridays) and work at home under the tutelage of their parents for the balance of the week. This model allows the family to actually be the God-ordained primary influence on their children. Parents are equipped with assignments, due dates, and grades so they can aid in coaching their students without having expertise in subjects such as Latin, calculus, physics, and rhetoric.
The effort will vary according to your child’s strengths and weaknesses, age and ability, but together, this develops an amazing synergy
The students have the benefit of the classroom experience with a professional educator coupled with one-on-one reinforcement at home all within the framework of a classical approach. It’s such a precious and rewarding time for parents as they work alongside their little ones as they read good books and see the wonder of the world opened up to them.
As students enter those sometimes troubling middle school years where the culture, media, and peer influence begin to tug too much, parents often turn to Coram Deo Academy so they can maintain a greater voice in their children's lives.
Rhetoric school students at CDA benefit not only from the challenging coursework, but from the university model schedule as well. The students learn to handle substantial amounts of reading, as well as math and physics problems to work on their own. They learn how to juggle athletics, off-campus jobs, and volunteer opportunities.  These strengthen their college applications but, more importantly, strengthen their character as they learn and develop those crucial time management skills which are so necessary for success in college and rest of their lives.
For some families who need or desire a full time on campus experience, CDA offers a 5-day option at the Flower Mound campus for grades 5 and above. These students still have a "university model" schedule—two days’ worth of core classes coupled with an equivalent of two days of Learning Center time on campus (Fridays are reserved for electives and labs). It is expected that parents remain involved with your child’s school work—discuss the literature, review for a history test together, but the bulk of the student's study will be completed on campus in a supervised learning center.
One of the primary reasons families apply to CDA is so they can be involved in their children’s learning. This is not a part time school—it is full time education -- it’s simply split between two campuses: our classrooms and your home.
To read more on the collaborative or university model, please visit University-Model® Schools International.