CDA Homecoming: Addison Reed, Class Of 2018

This week is one of the most exciting times of the year at CDA and we’re happy to hear from our 2018 CDA graduate Addison Reed. 

She’s currently a freshman at
 Baylor University in Waco where she's studying Speech Pathology.

Thank you for your time Addison!
During your time as a student what did you enjoy about Spirit Week leading up to Homecoming?
Spirit week allowed my friends and I to be creative while creating costumes, making signs and preparing for the game. I most enjoyed the Homecoming Pep Rally and being involved in the house system allowed me take part.
What are three items you cherish about being a part of a community now that you're a college freshman?
I cherish the constant encouragement, wise teaching and fun atmosphere. The CDA community was full of parents and teachers who always encouraged me. I was once pulled over at lunch by two parents who offered to pray for my year. I always felt loved and supported. They also constantly poured into me with words of godly advice and wisdom. These words have stuck with me and led me well. As a college freshman I also fondly remember the fun of pep rallies and sport games. The CDA community has shaped me into who I am today and is something I’ll cherish forever.
How exciting was the CDA Homecoming Football Game to you and your family?
My family loved the CDA Homecoming Football Game! All of my younger siblings dressed up in navy and gold and I made sure to bring glitter for the student section. It is also always a special time getting to see CDA alumni back at the home field.
What was the best memory of Homecoming you can share?
My favorite Homecoming Football Game was during my senior year. My friends and I spent the evening before making signs for the football players and cheerleaders. The student section was filled and many familiar faces of alumni walked in. After the game some seniors rushed onto the field and hugged our athletes. This Homecoming was particularly special as I was able to see some old friends and cheer along side them for my fellow classmates.
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