Collin County: Word-Wielders

The Collin County campus recently celebrated their students' gift for writing in their first Word-Wielder event.
The event showcased writings voluntarily submitted by our students who were encouraged to create beautiful poems, essays, and short stories that centered around the topic of a new life in Christ.  English teachers in Collin County developed Word-Wielders to encourage young writers across their campus. The campus published a book of every submission and heard from several students who read their poetry and prose beautifully. Students then had an evening where they presented their work to the broader CDA community and rejoiced together.
Word-Wielders “encouraged nascent scribes with public acknowledgment and validation; to inspire them with a topic that would require them to apply their faith to their craft; to catalyze a word-celebrating culture among our families; to create a new tradition”, stated Mrs. Shannon Vowell, teacher and parent at the Collin County campus. The writings presented by students is evidence that the Holy Spirit is at work, in the next generation of disciples. She added, “the level of theological sophistication that was evident…I am confident that our stated school mission of impacting culture for the glory of God is already being lived out in our students' written work”.
The Word-Wielder event was a fantastic way to allow students to express their desires to create works, and it looks like it might become an annual event. Thank you to all the teachers who collaborated to make this opportunity possible.