State Solo and Ensemble results

Elizabeth Bowen
The CDA Symphonic Band participated in the State solo and ensemble contest over the weekend scoring strong at the state level.
The CDA Symphonic Band went to TPSMEA state solo and ensemble contest this weekend and had a great day!  Our students played for the music faculty from TCU, so needless to say, the judging wasn't easy.  That is a good thing...this is how we learn and grow!
Students are given a ranking from I-V, and our students all either received a Superior rating (1) or an Excellent rating (2).  At the state level, these are strong scores!
The following soloists and ensembles received an EXCELLENT rating:
Jeremy Sy
Noah Kulle
Kirsten Browne
Percussion trio - Seth Livingston, Collin DeSoto, Josh Marshall
Woodwind trio - Joanna Lee, Stephen Hemsworth, Seth Bell 
The following soloists and ensembles received a SUPERIOR rating (the highest possible rating)
Lauren Joseph
Lindsey Anderson
Joanna Lee
Nolan Marshall
Tessa Linebarger
Danielle Kofink
Levi Robertson
Avery Meazell
Jonathan Papaila
Flute Quartet - Lauren Joseph, Lindsey Anderson, McKell Richardson, Farrah Stratton
Sax Quartet - Danielle Kofink, Jeremy Sy, Tessa Linebarger, Noah Kulle
Brass Trio - Lana Linebarger, Cadi Duhon, Jonathan Papaila
Brass Quintet - Lana Linebarger, Jimmy Hammond, Genny Covert, Josh Rauhauser, Noah Kulle
Congratulations to the CDA Symphonic Band!!  


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