Noah Taylor - #1 Three Point Shooter in the Nation!

Join us in congratulating Senior Noah Taylor on his current standing as the National 3-point shooter in the nation! Read how Noah accomplished this amazing feat...
With this accomplishment, Coach Martinez asked Noah, “How did you become such a good shooter?”

“As long as I can remember I have been “hooping” it up with my two big brothers. We have always had a mini hoop in my room, a hoop in the driveway, in the pool or on the trampoline…it was non-stop. When I was in the sixth grade, I remember shooting a hundred shots a day because I saw it on a video. I knew that I needed to work hard to be a great player and to be a great player, I needed to be a great shooter. Over the years, the number of shots I shot per day grew. Now I frequently shoot a thousand shots a day. For each of the past two summers, Coach Martinez challenged me to get 40,000 shots, which I did. He pushed me to the best shooter I could possibly be by critiquing my shot and becoming my greatest nemesis. I have only beat Coach Martinez one time ever in a shooting drill, but I look forward to coming back from playing college basketball and beating him consistently! LOL!”