Our Mission is to "train ethical servant-leaders and wise thinkers who will shape culture for the glory of God".
Coram Deo Academy, founded in 1999, offers a fully accredited PreK-12th grade Christian, Classical, and University-Model® education in Collin County, Dallas, and Flower Mound. 
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Why Coram Deo Academy?
Students are seen as disciples on the path of being made more and more like Jesus, not minds waiting to be filled with information. While academic rigor is important, we put special focus on cultivating the heart and mind of each student by integrating biblical truth in every subject. Classroom devotions and chapel services tailor Scripture reading, prayer, and worship through song to every age group. Our statement of faith is based on the Holy Scriptures and the Nicene Creed.

As a Christian Classical school, we recognize that students are created in the very image of God. Therefore, we seek to cultivate wisdom and inspire students to align their desires to God’s will and purpose. Our end goal is not to simply see our students attend college. We want to see our students transform into wise and virtuous human beings who reflect Jesus Christ.

Coram Deo Academy offers a level of parental involvement second only to full-time homeschooling. Our Signature Program is a University-Model® schedule. Students attend classes two days per week, with the option of electives on Friday. When students are not on campus, they work closely with a parent to complete coursework. Parents have the freedom to customize their child’s schedule on the home days. Parents are equipped with assignments, due dates, and grades so they can effectively coach their students without having expertise in every subject. A Five-Day Program is available for 5th grade and above at our Flower Mound and Dallas locations.

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  • Give the Gift of Christian Education

    Coram Deo Academy’s classrooms boldly proclaim the kingship of Jesus all year long! We see the Hand of God in chemistry and all the sciences. God’s truth is found in our history (His-Story😊), literature, and mathematics classes as well as fine arts.

  • Acknowledging the Author of Truth

    Teachers at Coram Deo Academy not only assist students in their quest for truth and knowledge, they acknowledge the Author of Truth. We give thanks for the great privilege of co-laboring with parents in the ministry of Christian classical education and wish your family a blessed Thanksgiving. READ MORE
  • Ready, Set, Apply!

    CDA is now receiving applications for the 2022-23 school year! READ MORE
  • Deep Roots for Faith, Family, & Future

    Christian classical education establishes deep roots and helps children flourish as they reach adulthood. 
    Progressive education sometimes discards the great works of our Judeo-Christian heritage, but a liberal arts education reclaims them. By studying the past, our students are truly prepared for the future and the synergy of CDA's collaborative model leads to quantifiable results while restoring family time.

    We look forward to sharing more about the "Trivium Tree" and showcasing our classrooms. Previews begin October 21. Make a tour reservation.