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The Collin County Campus was originally established in 2004 with K – 8th grade.  In 2009, we were blessed to start our high school, and in May 2013, we celebrated our first graduating class.   In January 2015, the Collin County campus moved into their newly constructed campus combining all grades.  The new facility is complete with classrooms, science labs, a gym, stage and playground.  The Collin County Campus serves over 430 students attending grades PreK through 12th.

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  • Grammar School

    Students in grades PreK-4 are at the grammar stage of learning with a focus on breaking new concepts down to the required fundamental skills or facts and mastering them through memorizing jingles, chants, and songs.  Each class also has an annual festival which gives students the opportunity to share what they have learned with their fellow classmates and parents - it is fun way to start public speaking at an early age!
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  • Logic School

    Students in grades 5-8 are moving through the Logic stage of learning.  During this stage, they study the relationship of facts they learned at the grammar stage and how they fit or work together.  They also are examining arguments.  Although Bible is not a separate subject after 5th grade, a Biblical worldview is interwoven into the teaching of all subjects. 

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  • High School

    Students in high school are striving to master the Rhetoric stage of learning.  This stage requires students to articulate their learning through oral and written expression.  They do this through speeches, debates and papers, as well as, proofs in mathematics. 

    “CDA is teaching our children to think with a Biblical worldview ...

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Grammar, Logic and High School students and teachers have chapel services once a month. The purpose of chapel is to bring students together for a time of corporate worship and a message that focuses on the greatness of God and His work in our lives in a way that would be applicable to Coram Deo students. This time is designed to heighten our awareness of Christ and integrate Him more into our everyday lives.

Parent Community

In Collin County we have several ways for parents to be involved and build community with the teachers and each other.  The best way to do this is through the PTF, Parent Teacher Fellowship.  The PTF serves CDA in three primary ways.  First, they serve as a volunteer base for many of the activities that happen in the classrooms, such as Room Moms, class parties, and Hot Lunch service.  Secondly, they help equip the school through fundraising.  They strive to make our fundraisers fun for the students, but also easy on the parents.  Our most successful is the Hot Lunch program.  We use caterers, like Chick-fil-A, that the children like, and the parents look forward to not having to make a lunch one day a week!  Lastly, and most importantly, our PTF organizes a monthly prayer meeting to pray for the school – students, faculty and administrators.  If you are an enrolled family at the Collin County campus, you are already a member of the PTF, so come and join us!

Collin County Admission Events

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Collin County Campus Events

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Contact Us

(469) 854-1300
9645 Independence Parkway; Plano, TX 75025

Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:00 pm 

Grammar:  7:55 am - 2:25 pm (M/W or T/Th)
Logic/HS:   8:05 am - 2:45 pm (M/W or T/Th)

* NOTE: Friday class times depend on electives selected.  After school electives are also available

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  • Toby Oaks 

    Campus Administrator, Upper School Director (5-12), HS Theology - CC
  • Stephanie Garland 

    Grammar School Director & HS English - CC
  • Sherryl Magee 

    Assistant to Campus Director & CC College Guidance
  • Jennifer Dickinson 

    Collin County Administrative Asst
  • Jan Geist 

    Collin County Admissions Coordinator & District Admissions Assistant
    (972) 675-7317

Collin County Campus News

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  • Congratulations Intermediate Band: Division 1 Rating!

    Last week, Intermediate band attended the Sandy Lake Funfest and received a Division 1 Rating and an Outstanding band Award!  

    Congratulations Intermediate Band!
  • 2nd Grade Celebrates 100th Math Lesson

    This week Mrs. Lessert's 2nd grade class celebrated their 100th math lesson by grouping cereal loops into 10's and 100's and putting them on strings to make edible necklaces.  Math is tasty!
  • Bball competition at the end of the event

    A Memorable Donuts with Dad Morning

    On April 9th and 10th, we had a special Donuts with Dad Program that featured so much more than just donuts!  After picking up their "dad ties" with messages from some of their grammar-aged children,  they were able to have discussions with their kids over some questions (while eating donuts and drinking their "dad" Starbucks coffee, of course)!  There were some brief words of encouragement up front from administration and a CDA Parent, followed by some friendly competitions of a "spelling bee" and a "knock out" basketball game between two selected students and randomly selected dads.  It was not a big surprise that the CDA kids won the competitions, but the dads were great sports to end up one of our most memorable Donuts with Dads to date!

    A special thanks goes out to the event coordinator, Mrs. DeeDee Aarseth and also Mr. Loren Hsiao, who was the primary catalyst-support with our programatic additions.  Also, thank you to Mrs. Angela Chaney, Mrs. Ardis Crocker and other mom volunteers who came to help.  Of course, thank you CDA dads for showing up in large numbers on both days to support your kids!  
  • Meet 2018 Senior Noah Skalberg

    Have you ever wondered, what is the purpose of all of the hours of memorization, tests, assignments that the students work through here at Coram Deo Academy?   Our objective in all the work, activities, sports, and student life here is to raise up ethical servant leaders and wise thinkers who will shape culture for the glory of God.   As we have been throughout the last few months, we will continue to give you an opportunity to get to know our senior class, each one of the twenty of them, who they are, their aspirations, and what they have learned from their time here.   We hope that in this you will be encouraged to join us on May 19th and also be motivated in your time here at CDA.

    Siblings: Matthew (7th grade)

    Grade started CDA: Kindergarten

    Activities while in HS: basketball 8th-12th, Pump It Up July 2015-current, mission trips with church, serving in children's ministry at church.

    Favorite moment at CDA: My favorite moment at CDA was in Philosophy class with Mr. Armstrong when Sam Blackmon decided that his purpose in life was to become an “uninstantiated flutist” and then building on the joke until he feigned jumping out the window to be with “his people.” The joke escalated until a majority of the class was laughing so hard we couldn't breathe and Mr. Armstrong's belly laugh turned into a sort of screeching.

    Colleges applied to: Texas A&M

    Possible career path: I'm not sure but most likely not something STEM related. Something regarding ministry or music would best suit my passions.

    How has CDA prepared you to be an ethical servant leader and wise thinker in order to shape culture for the glory of God? Through challenging what I believe in a safe environment surrounded by like-minded people, CDA has given me a place to grow my ideas without persecution. I have been exposed to countless world views and opinions that oppose mine, which has been crucial in my understanding of a Christian's place in the world. Godly teachers and a loving atmosphere have presented numerous leadership examples for me to look to in the faculty and coaching staff.
  • CDA Symphonic Band receives the Sweepstakes Award!

    Last week, CDA Symphonic Band competed in the Concert Performance and Sight Reading Contest at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas. They performed three prepared pieces and received the highest rating possible from all three judges. In the sight reading competition, they had ten minutes to review, without practicing, a piece that they had never played before. After which, they performed the piece for the judges. Again, they received the highest score possible. 

    Both superior ratings resulted in the highest honor, the Sweepstakes Award!

    Congratulations, CDA Symphonic Band!
  • CDA-CC High School Finals & AP Exam 2018 Schedules

    CDA-CC High School Families,
    Earlier this week, we had sent this information to you via e-mail as a shared document, and then as attached files.  We were having issues with the links, but those have been corrected, so these should work for you now. 

    Please click on the links here to see the Finals/AP Exam Schedule for 2018.  Because of the complexity of coordinating multiple events (Awards, our growing HS sections and AP Exams on our campus), the schedule here is a special one to accommodate all of these elements.  A big thank you goes to Mrs. Dickinson and Mrs. Magee for their work on this!
    If you have any questions about this schedule, please contact
    Here are the links to the schedules:
    AP Exam Schedule for 2018
    Finals Exam Schedule for 2018

  • CDA-CC Commencement Speaker: Drew Armstrong

    Drew Armstrong was a Coram Deo Academy-Collin County teacher from 2011-2016, teaching classes such as 8th-9th grade history, 10th grade theology, 11th grade rhetoric and co-teaching 12th grade theology, among others. He received his Masters of Theology in Academic Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Masters of Theology in Systematic Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. He currently resides in Redmond, Washington with his lovely wife Kate and their rambunctious dog, Frankie.

    Drew is a faculty member at The Bear Creek School where he teaches Classical Rhetoric and Medieval Christian Studies. He enjoys reading books, especially if they are by or about his favorite theologian, Karl Barth. When he’s not reading he can probably be found cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes. Drew considers the Collin County CDA class of 2018 to be one of the finest groups of young people he has ever met.

    Please plan on joining us for our Commencement on Saturday, May 19th at 4:00 p.m. at Stonebriar Community Church, 4801 Legendary Dr; Frisco, TX 75034
  • If I Were 100...

    This week, to celebrate the number 100, our kinders sent their geriatric relatives to school!  Although our kinder rooms were full of gray hair, suspenders, and reading glasses, it was still brimming with energy and fun.  Funny, these grandfolks look A LOT like their progeny!