Home-School Days: There's No One Right Way

Mrs. Alynda Long
The 2018-19 school year at Coram Deo Academy is halfway over, and we are all probably settled into our schedules by now. For some, it’s a well-oiled machine after several years of tweaking, but others are embarking on this journey for the first time. We all have something to learn each year.

Home-schooling days can be overwhelming and scary in those first years. Who am I kidding? They can be that way for those of us who have numerous years under our belts as well. I remember our first couple of years at Coram Deo Academy. I was certain there was ONE right way to do it all. If I just had a dedicated classroom, special equipment at home, or the perfect setup, our days would glide by in home-schooling perfection.

Not so.

What I’ve found is there is no one right way to do it all. We are all different and our kids are different too. It’s okay for your home-schooling days not to look like one another’s. We are all called to this form of education by the Lord. We are all working toward the same goal of educating our children in a Christian, classical, collaborative environment. How our home-schooling days look varies greatly from one another…and that’s perfectly fine!

I asked several of my Coram Deo Academy moms to share a photo of their home school work spaces with us. As you see, everyone approaches Manic Mondays and Wacky Wednesdays differently. Whether your kids sit at the dining room table or the living room couch or you have specially designed home schooling room in your home, the most important part of the home school day is knowing we are all working toward a common goal. We all want the best for our kids. We want them to have a secure grounding in the Lord and a strong foundation of a classical education. We want to train them to become ethical servant-leaders and wise thinkers who will shape culture for the glory of God.

Home-schooling days can be a bit isolating for some of us, but if we band together to encourage one another in our endeavors then we are fulfilling the Lord’s commands from Galatians 6:2, “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” If you have suggestions for newer families to Coram Deo Academy on how to smooth out the rough edges of home schooling days, please share in the comments below. If you are new to Coram Deo, reach out to another mom in your child’s class. We’ve all been new at one point.

We are praying for your year as a parent/teacher and your child’s year as a student. May the Lord lovingly grow you and mold you with each day.

Hi y’all! I’m Alynda Long, a redeemed daughter of the King. My amazing husband, Brian, and I live with our two youngest daughters, Kaylee and Audrey in Las Colinas. Our daughter, Kaylee, is in her sixth year at the Dallas campus where she’s in Ms. Benda’s fourth grade class. A former high school English teacher turned writer, blogger and editor, I love Jesus, coffee, and time with family and friends when I’m not engaged in homeschooling days. We love the flexibility of the Coram Deo model mixed with the solid Christian, classical education she receives. The family-like atmosphere of the Dallas campus drew us in right away.
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