CDA Homecoming: John Newton Class Of 2017

This week is one of the most exciting times of the year at CDA and we’re happy to hear from our 2017 CDA graduate John Newton. He’s currently a freshman at MacAlester College where he is studying Economics and participating as a Defensive End and Nose Guard on their football team.

Thank you for your time John!
During your time as a student what did you enjoy about Spirit Week leading up to Homecoming?
I enjoyed spirit week leading up to homecoming.  It was interesting to see who creatively used the dress-up themes and what they could come up with for ideas.  It was also interesting to see who used it as an excuse to wear regular non-uniform clothes.  Dressing up really helped people to get hyped up. It was awesome seeing old friends who came back for homecoming.  The week made us look forward  to the football game on Friday.  The pep rally got everyone excited.
What are three items you cherish about being a part of a community now that you're a college freshman?
I miss that everyone was in the same boat understanding that some classes were really hard. There was encouragement that others had succeeded in these challenges and that I could too. We all had hard classes and needed to balance class work and practices.  It was nice to be part of a big group going through the same pains. 
How exciting was the CDA Homecoming Football Game to you and your family?
I really enjoyed having all my family, extended family, and friends at the homecoming game. 
What was the best memory of Homecoming you can share?
It was fabulous to win the homecoming game my senior year.  Go Lions!