How 12 Years & Four Campus Moves Changed Our Life - Koons Family

The Koons have been a part of the CDA community at each of our campuses for more than a decade. Through their personal story we'll read why Coram Deo has been such a blessing in their lives.
I remember the night before our first day at Coram Deo. I felt a bit torn. We had homeschooled our oldest child through second grade, and I found myself wondering. . . What if this is a mistake? 
Chip was a product of public education, and I attended Christian schools and public ones as well. We were both happy with our experiences, but didn't want to start there. At least, not at this point. We both saw the value in a classical approach from a Christian worldview. We wanted our kids to grow in truth, wisdom, and knowledge. So, we decided take CDA a year at a time and see how long we could afford it.
Around this time, Abbi said that she may want to be a teacher someday. The reality hit me that we were not only teaching a student, but also a potential teacher. The example she would set began to sink in, and so did the reality of James 3:1, "Not many of you should become teachers…for we know that we who teach will be judged with stricter judgment."
A few years later, Abbi and I were talking about an opportunity she had. She said that she knew that not everything unbelievers teach is untrue, she just didn't know which part. She wanted teachers who she could trust to give her the discernment she knew she needed in order to rightly understand the world around her. She wasn't the only one who needed help, though. As her parents, we needed it too. 
The more we learned, the more we realized that the entrenched beliefs we had about education just didn't add up. Eventually, God brought us back to the beginning of it all. Thoughts and questions came to mind we had never considered before, one of which is that God created all good things, including formal education (Prov.17:16). How does He define education, and what is His purpose for it?
This process gave us the opportunity to have wonderful discussions with our kids. They know how important it is to let God inform all they think, say, and do. Also, they see it exemplified before them at Coram Deo through their teachers, administrators, and coaches. They've been encouraged by Christ-centered kids who run alongside them in the pursuit of Truth in a world of deception.
God has also blessed us with authentic, grace-filled conversations with CDA leadership and friends. We couldn't be more thankful for the blessing it is to live in community with friends who are like minded and who we love like family. 
Twelve years and four campus location moves have passed since that first year. Caroline is now in 7th grade, and Fisher is a junior at CDA's Flower Mound campus. Abbi (a 2014 graduate from CDA-Collin County) is a junior at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, double-majoring in Bible and Elementary Education.
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  • Ella Holland
    That's amazing! What a sweet family. ;)
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    What a wonderful family!
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    Enjoyed reading this? So glad our grandchildren have had a Christian Education ?