We're Thankful For Coram Deo - The Carters

The Carters, a family from our Collin County campus share their story of how Coram Deo helped their family grow by simply listening to God's voice and allowing Him to use their son through it.
The Lord led us to Coram Deo when our eldest son was going into 6th grade. We had lived overseas for a number of years and our children’s early education had been in the International Baccalaureate system.  We enrolled Landon in public school but it wasn’t a good fit for him.  He wasn’t being challenged intellectually and socially he was struggling. We felt the Lord was calling us to private school. We were looking for a school that could not only continue the exceptional academics of an IB program, but also offer a godly environment – a difficult task until we were introduced to CDA.

Transitioning back to American culture was difficult for us as a family, but in particular for our son, Landon, who had spent most of his school years abroad. Basic and fundamental aspects of American life; American money, the imperial measurement system, the Dallas Cowboys, were all foreign to our son. This made for a shy, somewhat awkward boy who struggled to find his place. He longed to be accepted and find true friends. At one point we were considering letting him try 6th grade at public school and he asked us to reconsider. His exact words were,” Mom I want to go to school with kids who love God.

Enrolling in Coram Deo literally changed his life. We found an environment which was encouraging, welcoming, resolved conflicts and challenges with a Christian approach and allowed our son to be himself and blossom. He quickly found his best friend, got involved in sports and soon became an open, witty child who excelled a school.

This year Landon will graduate from Coram Deo. Looking back, the school has been everything for which we could have hoped. The level of academics and caliber of teachers has been stellar. From mathematics, to apologetics, from drama to sports our son has been challenged to be a freethinker who can argue well a position, and has the intellect to hold his ground. In addition, CDA has provided an environment which has fostered his moral compass and offered him numerous opportunities to take leadership roles. His classmate are very close with one another, as they are with many of their teachers.

Coram Deo was one of the greatest blessings God has given us as parents, and certainly a huge blessing in the life of our son. Landon would not be who he is today without Coram Deo.
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